Event Calendar

August 15, 2021

Alexandria Farmers Market

From 12:00AM to 7:00PM


The Alexandria Farmers Market is a weekly gathering that connects the community of Alexandria with the farmers, ranchers, and agricultural artisans of Central Louisiana. This connection strives to improve the physical, social, and economic well-being of the region by providing access to fresh, healthy, local food for residents, fostering community relationships, and serving as a business incubator for growers and producers.

Location: First United Methodist Church 2727 Jackson Street

Website: https://www.louisiana-central.com/alexandria-farmers-market

Phone: 318) 441-3407

Vox Populi - Rapides Symphony Orchestra

From 2:30PM to n/a

This concert features pieces inspired by folk music, including Dvorak’s “Serenade for Winds” and Hindemith’s “Der Schwanendreher” (The Swan Turner) with viola soloist Peter Minkler.

Location: Coughlin-Saunders Performing Arts Center 1202 Third Street, Alexandria

Website: https://www.rapidessymphony.org/