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"A Mind Is A Difficult Thing To Change"




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Recent Interviews On Talkback


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Greg Walker


Elder Law

Greg's Website

Updated 01/15/2020



Matt Richie

Ritchie Real Estate

"The Weekly Economic Update"





Lamar White




Billy Nungesser

Louisiana LT. Governor





Ralph Abraham

5th District Congressman

Interview 12/13/19


Sandra McQuene

Exec. Dir., England Airpark & Community

Interview 12/11/19


Clarence Fields

Mayor Pineville

Interview 12/10/2019

City Of Pineville Website





Rod Noles

Noles Property Management, Inc.

 Economic Update

Rod Noles Property Management, Inc.

Rod's Notes




Lance Harris

Representative District 25

Interview 12/04/2019


Jeff Hall


City Of Alexandria



John Kennedy

US Senator

Interview 11/25/19



Jared King

Chief Of Police

City Of Alexandria

Interview 11/20/19



Jay Luneau

State Senator

District 29

Interview 11/19/19



Joe McPherson

Businessman & Former State Senator

Interview 11/15/19

P3 Summit

Guests: Jim Ray & Shawn Wilson

Interview 11/14/19



Kyle Ardoin

LA Secretary Of State

Interview 11/11/2019



Dr. Paul Coreil

Chancellor L.S.U.A

Interview 10/24/19




Dr. Bill Cassidy

US Senator

Interview 10/021/19





Jimmy Sawtelle

Chancellor of Central Louisiana Technical

Community College (CLTCC)

Interview 09/30/19

John Bel Edwards


State Of Louisiana

Interview 09/27/19




John Schroder

State Treasurer

Interview 08/01/2019



Stephen Waguespack 

President & CEO of LAB

Louisiana Association Of Business and Industry

Interview 07/24/19




Brother Jim Thomasee


Liberty Baptist Church

Voice Of Liberty Broadcast


12/08/19 Broadcast

12/15/19 Broadcast

12/22/19 Broadcast

12/29/19 Broadcast


12/22/19 Program





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