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News For Tuesday 05/13/14

News for Tuesday 051314

By Dave Graichen


Alexandria Police detectives are conducting a homicide investigation into the death of a 33-year-old Alexandria woman. The victim has been identified as Pamela Carnahan. Rapides Parish school officials had become concerned Friday when the mother of a child was not at the bus stop to pick up the child as she usually was.. They contacted relatives who checked the victim’s apartment at 4015 Lakeside Drive and located the body. Police have determined the death was a homicide, but the cause of death has not been released.


5th Congressional District Congressman Vance McAllister spoke yesterday  at  a  Chamber of Commerce event here in Alexandria. The congressman, who was joined by his wife, Kelly, and one of their five children, 3-year-old daughter Eva,  began  his  speech  by  apologizing for kissing a married staffer.  McAllister  also told the media that it's never been a secret that he was disliked by the  GOP. McAllister  says  he plans to finish his term, but will not run for re-election. However, the congressman said later he’s leaving his “options open.”


The state Senate rejected legislation Monday night that sought to raise the eligibility requirements for TOPS, Louisiana’s merit-based college tuition program. After a two-hour debate on the Senate floor, Senate Bill 520 was voted down after it was amended to convert  TOPS scholarships  to a student loan, forgiven if students keep their eligibility during their first year of college. Several senators spoke out against the proposal, noting the outcome would be that fewer students would qualify.


For a second time in as many weeks, the Jindal administration could be facing problems with its Medicaid financing plans. The latest issue came to light Monday after the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services fired a warning shot about the way states are pulling in federal dollars for health care programs. CMS outlined what states shouldn’t be doing and threatened to demand the repayment of dollars where warranted. In a nutshell, Louisiana did many of the things warned against by CMS, possibly foreshadowing another pricey unpinning of the state’s financial structures for health care programs. The state already is grappling with a rejection of hospital privatization plans that could put taxpayers on the hook for millions of dollars.


The state’s top school board, showing rare harmony, approved revisions in its $3.6 billion spending plan for public schools after its initial proposal was killed by the Louisiana Senate Education Committee. The vote was 9-1. The changes, including revisions designed to avoid automatic school aid hikes in future years, won support from several influential school groups, including the Louisiana Association of School Superintendents.


Bossier  City Police have identified the two women found dead Sunday morning.   24-year  old  Jacqueline  Darlenen Beadle and 26-year old Karyl  Ann Cox were found shot to death  in  their  home.   Beadle's mother found  the  bodies  after  going to the home having not heard from Jacqueline since Friday.  The investigation is on-going.


The  Beau Chene High School student killed in an automobile accident Monday morning  in St. Landry Parish has been identified.  17-year old Nonchalant Guillory  allegedly  lost  control  of  her vehicle in a curve  and  hit  the  side  of  a  school bus driven by 56-year  old Lawrence Robert.  Guillory was unrestrained  and  succumbed  to  her injuries in a local hospital.  Robert, who sustained minor injuries, was the only occupant of the school bus at the time of the crash.


An Angola inmate is a free man after spending 34 years in prison for a  crime he didn't commit. Attorney Caroline Milne (MIL-nee) of the  Innocence Project New Orleans says when Reginald Adams was found guilty  in the murder of Cathy Ulfers, detectives and prosecutors intentionally withheld evidence that showed Adams was innocent.


A  bill  that increases the penalty for throwing cigarette butts out of car windows has received final legislative approval.  The measure is by Marrero  Representative  Patrick  Connick.  It increases first

offense  fines  from $250 to $300 and keeps  the  community  service penalties in place.  The bill now awaits Governor Bobby Jindal's signature.


Legislation  by New Orleans  Representative  Helena  Moreno  banning anyone under the  age of 18 from using tanning beds has gotten final legislative approval.   Currently,  minors  ages  14  to  18 can use tanning  beds  with  written  permission  from  a  parent.  The bill received  unanimous  approval  from the House and now heads  to  the Governor's desk.


A  Senate  bill that would allow motorists  to  have  any  Louisiana university's  logo  put on their driver’s license passed in the House Transportation Committee.   New  Iberia  Senator  Fred  Mills passed legislation last year that allowed the phrase, "I'm a Cajun"  to  be put on driver’s license which was the idea behind this bill. That  same  committee  also  agreed  with  a  bill that would extend

driver’s license renewal from four years to six  years.   Baton Rouge Senator Dan Claitor says the renewal fee over 12 years would  remain the same, you would just have an extra two years before your drivers license expired. Both bills now head to the House floor.


State Troopers say it's a bad  idea  to  show up at a police station drunk.  But  that's what one man allegedly did  Saturday.  Spokesman Jared Sandifer says 31-year-old Patrick Ruffner of Gonzales drove to Troop A to fill out a hit and run accident report, but a trooper who pulled in at the same time spoke with the man and noticed alcohol on his breath. Ruffner  was  then taken into the Troop and charges with 1st offense DWI and suspended license.


LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva spoke at the Baton Rouge Press Club  on Monday to discuss a number of ways they hope to improve the fan  experience at Tiger Stadium. He says a top focus will be on traffic  and working with city and parish leaders to invest in making it  easier to get off campus as quickly as possible after games. Alleva says studies have shown LSU games have a huge economic impact  on Baton Rouge and surrounding areas and it's critical to keep making  improvements so that fans will want to come back.

God Bless America & Our Home Louisiana


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