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News For Thursday 04/10/14

News for Thursday 041014

By Dave Graichen


The House Labor Committee  is scheduled to hear several bills today that would raise the state's minimum wage,  which  is currently $7.25  an  hour.  One  of  the  items  of legislation would raise it to $10.10 which opponents say would force  businesses to hire fewer people. Proponents say it would give workers a livable wage.


Gas prices keep climbing. The current statewide average for a gallon of regular jumped two pennies last night to $3.41. That's also up 17 cents from last month.


The Colorado State University Forecast team will issue its initial   forecast for the 2014 season today. State Climatologist Barry Keim  anticipates Doctor William Gray and Phil Klotzbach  will call for an

 average season, because there's a  50 percent chance an El Nino will  form later this year. Keim says an average season would be 10 to 12 named storms. He says an   El Nino makes it less conducive for storms to form in the Atlantic.


The office of Vance McAllister says they are backing off their request  that the FBI investigate whether or not the leaking of the surveillance  kissing video was a federal breach in security. Legal analyst Tim Meche  doesn't think a crime took place. He says this video came from a  surveillance camera at the office and everyone knew it was there. Word is now, the state’s GOP Executive Committee, may today ask McAllister to resign.


The pending closure of Huey P. Long Medical Center in Pineville is moving ahead, with the latest step coming with Senate approval. Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 48 was adopted by a 26-11 vote on Tuesday. It next goes to the House for consideration. HPL was the last of the state’s public hospitals to have its services transferred to private partners. A cooperative endeavor agreement between the state, Christus St. Frances Cabrini Hospital and Rapides Regional Medical Center is transferring those services to clinics operated by the two hospitals and the hospitals themselves.


A plan that would create a $40 million pot of money that Louisiana’s colleges and universities would then compete over, sailed through the state House overwhelmingly Wednesday on a 100-0 vote.  The plan would set aside 80 percent of the funding for workforce development. Every public college or university in the state would get a shot to collect a share of the money depending on how many graduates they produce in high-demand fields such as computer science and engineering. In order to draw down the funds, schools would have to come up with a 20 percent match in private investments. It now heads to the Senate for a vote.


The House Health and Welfare committee  approved  a  bill Wednesday that would require abortion clinics to provide information to the patient about  possible  psychological  effects  associated  with  ending  a pregnancy. Baton Rouge Representative Barry Ivey says this info will be  contained  in  a  pamphlet  that  women  seeking abortions would receive.  The measure passed without objection and now heads to the House floor.


The  House  Criminal Justice Committee agreed with a bill today that would remove  the  state's  anti-sodomy  law from the state's books. Baton Rouge Representative Patricia Smith  says  she  authored  this bill,  because the Supreme Court ruled in 2003 that the law violates the constitution. The bill now heads to the house floor.


A  bill  that  would  allow  concealed carry permit holders to bring their gun into certain places  that  sell  alcohol  passed Wednesday afternoon on the House Floor. The bill now heads to the  Senate  for

further consideration.


A bill that would ban motorists from using  certain  hand  held cell phones  in  school zones got approval from the full House Wednesday. House Bill 370 received  unanimous  approval  and  now  heads to the Senate.


Pointe  Coupee Parish Sheriff Bud Torres has suspended three of  his deputies  for  allegedly  giving  special  treatment  to a New Roads police  officer  who  was  involved in a crash, while off-duty.  The

officer, Captain Mark Munson,  was  suspected of driving while drunk and he's been suspended too.



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