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News For Thursday 03/27/14

News for Thursday 032714

By Dave Graichen


The Town Talk is reporting Dr. Joe Aguillard has been asked by the Louisiana College Board of Trustees to resign from his position as president of the private Baptist school in Pineville. Multiple sources confirmed that Dr. Aguillard met with his senior leadership team Wednesday afternoon, telling them he had no plans to resign. No official word has been made as of yet by LC of the  Louisiana Baptist Convention.


Authorities in  Houma report a 4-year-old girl was killed Tuesday  night by a pit bull that her family owned. The child's mother was also injured. When police arrived, the dog was running loose  in  the  home in a vicious manner and the mother was screaming for help in a bedroom.  Officers  had  to shoot the  dog  to  stop the threat. They are not sure what set the animal off.


The Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office  says  a  17-year-old  is  under arrest  after  deputies  say they found a .25 caliber handgun on him while  he was at Peabody High  School.  They  say  Andrew  Smith was booked for possession of a firearm in a school zone.


No changes  to the TOPS program.  That word came down yesterday from the House Education Committee.  Several lawmakers wanted to place limits on that program,  in  order  to save the state money, but there were not enough votes to change it.  As  it is now, the program will cost the state well over $230 million dollars for next year.


The  rapid  increase  of  heroin  overdose  deaths  is  getting  the attention  of  Louisiana  lawmakers.   The  House  Criminal  Justice Committee  approved  the  bill  that would double  mandatory  minimum

sentences for the distribution of heroin from five to ten years, and heroin possession would result in  2  years  behind bars.  The bill heads to the house floor for discussion.


At the State Capital,  The  Senate Retirement Committee has approved bills giving a 1.5 percent cost-of-living  increase  for  members of Louisiana's  main  retirement  organizations.  That averages out  to about  $29  a  month for approximately  one-hundred-eleven  thousand retirees.


New  stats  from  the  Louisiana  Highway  Safety  Commission  shows auto-pedestrian  deaths  have  had a rather sharp increases. Factors have  involved  alcohol and mostly  in  the  evening  hours  and  on weekends. Latest  numbers  have  122  pedestrian deaths in 2012, and that's the highest number since 1997.


A jury has been  seated  in  the  Brian  Horn  murder case.  Horn is accused  of  kidnapping  and  killing 12-year-old Justin  Bloxom  of Stoneway in 2010.  The jurors were  selected  in Baton Rouge and are enroot  to  Desoto  Parish  for  the  trial. The trial could  begin  on Friday with opening statements.


A state House panel Wednesday endorsed a pilot program that would impose requirements for certain food stamp recipients to keep receiving benefits. House Bill 464 would require non-working, able-bodied adults to be engaged in acceptable workforce training or education activities. The legislation would restrict the experiment to Tangipahoa Parish where some 2,188 individuals could be impacted.


A bill that puts tougher gun restrictions on people who are involved  in certain domestic violence situations clears committee Wednesday.  The legislation by New Orleans Rep. Helena Moreno prohibits a person  convicted of misdemeanor domestic abuse battery from possessing a gun  for 10 years.


The House Natural Resources Committee passes a bill that would result  in a $300 fine if you throw a  cigarette butt out the car window.  The normal fine for littering is $250. This  bill would impose a   $300 fine for a first offense of littering with a cigarette butt plus  community service.


A bill by Monroe Representative Marcus Hunter, which would authorize the  sale of wine ice cream, is set to be heard  by the House Judiciary  Committee today. Hunter points out that restaurants already sell alcohol  infused dishes and wine ice cream falls into that same category. He says  his bill aims to make the sale of these products legal in Louisiana.


A convicted sex offender from Port Allen, who allegedly repeatedly raped his girlfriend’s 12-year-old daughter last year and arranged sexual encounters between the girl and other adults, was indicted Wednesday along with five others in the rape of the child.


For the first  time in five years The Louisiana State Police is actively looking for new troopers. Captain Doug Cain says they are seeking individuals who want a career in  law enforcement and a desire to make the state a safer place. 2 years of college, 2 years as a full time police  officer or 3 years in the military are some qualifications needed. For more information about the application process, visit laspc.com.


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