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News For Tuesday 03/25/14

News for Tuesday 032514

By Dave Graichen


Alexandria police are investigating the apparent murder of 21 year old William Dryden of Pineville. His body was found at a North MacArthur Drive hotel early Monday morning. Police were called to the scene after reports of shots being fired.


About 50 students were involved in a student strike yesterday at  Louisiana College in Pineville. The group is seeking the removal of Dr. Joe  Aguillard as the college's president. The protestors gathered in front  of Guinn Auditorium, held hands, prayed and sang. There are rumors students are planning another protest but  school officials told the group yesterday they will not be allowed to do so on campus.


The  House  transportation committee put the brakes on a proposal to ban the use of  a  hand held cell phone while driving. Breaux Bridge Representative Mike Huval wanted to make it a secondary offense if a driver spoke on a phone  up  to  their  ear while driving. There was support for the bill from Members of the state's insurance industry, however strong   opposition  from  committee  members. The bill is dead for the session.


Also in the Louisiana House  Transportation  committee Monday, a bill that  would  ban  photo  speed  enforcement devices  on  interstates passed. That bill heads to the House floor.


Teaching creationism in Louisiana science classes is unconstitutional, but senators refuse to repeal a law that mandates it.The Senate voted 32-5 Monday against a bill by Republican Sen. Dan Claitor that would remove a law requiring public schools to give balanced treatment in science classes and textbooks to evolution and creationism. The law also prohibits teaching evolution as proven scientific fact. The law, passed in 1981, was found unconstitutional in 1987 by the Louisiana Supreme Court. But lawmakers have refused to strip it from the law books.


Legislators cracked open Gov. Bobby Jindal’s proposed state prison budget Monday and quickly expressed displeasure with what they found. Leftover hurricane dollars will help pay for workers’ retirement costs. Funding for supplies was slashed. No money was set aside for repairs. House Appropriations Committee Chairman Jim Fannin, R-Jonesboro, said the state Department of Correction’s $525 million proposed budget doesn’t contain a nickel for any handyman projects that arise at the state’s prisons. The only increases, he said, are for salaries and benefits.


Cost of living increases appear to be on the horizon for about 100,000 retired state workers, teachers, school employees and state police troopers. The proposed 1.5 percent increases, the first in six years for some, cleared the Senate Retirement Committee on Monday. The raise must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the Legislature and the governor before it can be implemented.


A bill that would require local municipalities who get more than half  of their revenue from traffic citations to post signs warning  motorists of speed traps made it out of a House committee Monday. The bill passed 9-3 and will be further considered on the House floor.


The Louisiana Senate on Monday night advanced legislation banning sale of e-cigarettes and other alternative nicotine products to minors. The Senate voted 37-0 for the heavily amended Senate Bill 12. State Sen. Rick Gallot, D-Ruston, said the changes are the result of discussions with the state Office of Alcohol Tobacco Control and industry representatives. The changes better define the products covered in the ban.


Sabine Parish Deputies, working with Deputies  in DeSoto Parish have made  a  total  of ten arrests in connection with an  organized  dog fighting event near  Hicks  Lane  of Highway 175 in North Louisiana. Deputies seized a total of 5 vehicles,  a  quantity  of cash and two dogs in the raid over the weekend.


The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office is  currently  investigating a fatal pedestrian/vehicle hit and run. 26-year-old Justin J. Brown of Lake Charles was apparently lying in the middle of the  road when he

was  struck  and  killed.  The vehicle described as an white,  older model car did not stop after  striking  Brown Deputies investigating case  have  determined that due to heavy fog,  it  is  possible  the driver of the  car  did not know he even hit the man.


A family who did not  return  from a weekend boating trip were found safe late Sunday  evening.

Spokesperson Traci Landry says friends of Peter and Jennifer Orlando and their two children ages 12  and  15,  became  alarmed when their mobile phones were sending calls straight to voicemail. She says the Orlando's left around 9am Saturday morning. After their boat's motor failed, the father was able to get the boat to land and they family took refuge in a small houseboat. Landry says

Mr. Orlando is to be commended for using available resources to keep his family safe while awaiting rescue.


The Raging Cajuns have been ranked number 1 in Collegiate Baseball's NCAA Division 1 poll.  This  is  a first for the Cajuns who have won their last 12 games in a row and the  team is hitting .303 as a team and averaging 7.5 runs per game. At 22  and 2 this is the best start in school history.


2013 was a big year in the state's agriculture business.   In  fact, it  was  a  record-breaking  one thanks to good weather and no major disease    problems.    The   agriculture    industry    contributed

11-point-eight billion dollars to state's economy.


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