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News For Monday 03/24/14

News for Monday 032414

By Dave Graichen


If you do not have health insurance, your deadline to purchase a policy through Obamacare is one week from today. Under the Affordable Care Act,  all Americans must have health insurance or face a 95-dollar penalty.  Dr. Renard Murray, with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services  says go to health-care-dot-gov to choose your policy.  Murray estimates there are over 800-thousand people here in Louisiana who are eligible for  health insurance at little or no cost through Obamacare.


In  an  automated  phone  survey  of  over  seven-hundred registered voters, 43-percent of the respondents said they will vote for former governor  Edwin Edwards in the sixth district congressional primary. But  the  survey  also shows in a hypothetical run-off  between  two republican candidates,  Edwards trails state senator Dan Claitor and coastal expert Garret Graves.


The  Louisiana  Department  of  Children  and  Family  Services  has implemented  an  emergency   rule  to  prohibit  the  use  of  Family Independence Temporary Assistance  Program  and  Kinship Care Subsidy Program Benefits for at retailers who sell goods or provide services inconsistent  with the purpose of the cash assistance  programs and not necessary for basic needs. Violators of rule will lose their benefits for 12  months  on the first offense, 24  on the second and permanently on the third.


Once again lawmakers will discuss banning the use of hand held cell  phones while driving. A bill to do just that will be debated in the  House Transportation Committee today. Breaux Bridge Representative Mike  Huval says representatives for the insurance industry are in support of

this proposal. The legislation would make driving while on a hand held cell  phone a secondary offense, which means you can't get pulled over for  talking and driving.


Today the House Transportation Committee will hear a bill by Sulphur  Representative Mike Danahay that would prohibit the use of photo speed  enforcement devices on interstates. Danahay does not believe these types   of devices will actually enhance public safety.  He says the speed cameras are a

revenue generation device and can never take the place of manual stops. Danahay's bill contains some exceptions. He says speed traffic cameras  could be used in construction zones.


After  reviewing the case against a Baker Middle School teacher, who allegedly  pulled  a  student’s shirt after he refused to tuck it in, the prosecutor has decided  not to pursue charges against her. Yigal Bander, attorney for Deborah  Anderson,  says  he feels this was the proper course of action to take, as there was no legal basis for the charge of simple battery.


Lake  Charles  Police  have  arrested  a  22-year old  Andre  Jordan Broussard for attempted murder after he allegedly  pulled  out a gun during  a  vigil and opened fire. Deputy Chief of Police Mark  Kraus says Broussard  shot  two  people, one of the victims was treated at the scene, the other is in critical condition. About 300 people were at the vigil at the time of the shooting.


President Barack  Obama  has  signed  into law legislation that will prevent Louisiana homeowners, who live  in  flood  prone areas, from seeing drastic increases in their flood insurance premiums.  The new law  limits rate increases for federal flood insurance to 18-percent per year.


A man  wanted  for  the  murder  of a 24-year-old New Iberia man was arrested in Houston over the weekend. Authorities in Texas captured Michael Wade Augustine and he's now awaiting  extradition  to Iberia Parish. Iberia Sheriff Louis Ackal says Augustine fatally shot  Uriah Joseph on March 10th.


The spring and summer are shaping up to be a busy time for "Hollywood South". Chris Stelly, executive director for Louisiana Entertainment  says a number of blockbuster films are gearing up for production in the  Bayou State...Stelly says Fantastic Four, Jurassic Park and Terminator  5 will all start shooting soon in Louisiana. On the TV side, HBO's True Detective ,Sci-fi thriller Salem, American Horror Story, and  N-C-I-S are among the tv series that are shooting in the state.




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