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News For Friday 11/15/13

News for Friday 111513

By Dave Graichen


Tomorrow is the runoff election for Louisiana's 5th congressional  district seat. Two republicans, Columbia state Senator Neil Riser and  Monroe businessman Vance McAllister are vying for the job.  Both men want to serve out the remainder of former congressman Rodney  Alexander's term, and have an edge in winning a full term in 2014.  Most political insiders say the race is too close to call. The polls open at 7 Saturday morning and close at 8pm


The  Tuition  Taskforce  would like to see the standards  raised  on qualifying  for  the  TOPS scholarship.  Currently,  a  high  school student has to achieve at least a 2.5 GPA and score a 20 on the ACT. But task force member Phillip  Rozeman  says  they would like to see the G-P-A requirement raised to 3.0 and at least  a  23  on the ACT. Rozeman is confident students would meet the higher standards. Rozeman  says  they are pushing for a change to the TOPS scholarship because the program  is  getting too expensive for the state to keep funding.


 As millions of Americans face losing their current health insurance,  President Obama acts to delay those cancellations for one year. The  policies would be cancelled because they do not fully comply with the  Affordable Care Act. Senator Mary Landrieu has a bill pending that would assure those who  already have and like their health insurance can keep it, as promised by  the President. She says a promise is a promise, and she'll press forward  with her legislation.


A  seven-month-old  and  a  25-year-old  man were shot to death Wednesday  night  as  they  were  riding  in  a vehicle on  the  Crescent  City Connection Bridge in New Orleans. Police  are looking for the gunman who opened fire on the vehicle just past the  toll plaza area on the West Bank entrance of the bridge.


What a difference a day makes in Louisiana weather. State  Climatologist Barry Keim says the winds have shifted from being  north-easterly on Thursday, to south-easterly today. He says that  means the air coming in now is from the Gulf of Mexico and not from  Canada.  Keim says high temperatures today are between 15 and 20 degrees  warmer than they were yesterday. He says these warm temperatures are  going to hang around all through the weekend. As a matter of fact, by Sunday we could see temps in the low 80’s.


A   woman  from  Lake  Charles  was  found   guilty   Wednesday   of second-degree  cruelty  to  a juvenile in the abuse of her step-son. 31-year-old Jaime Brooks Day  is  accused of beating and not feeding the 9 year old boy who reportedly weighed just 38 pounds when he was removed from the home in 2010. Day is going to be sentenced December 10th. She faces up to 40 years in prison.


Grambling State University is appealing the $50-thousand fine levied by the Southwestern  Athletic  Conference for forfeiting the Jackson state game last month. School officials  say  it's  not  Grambling's fault the game was missed, it was because the team refused  to play. Grambling  will  also  have  to  play their next three Jackson State games  IN  Jackson,  which  also  penalizes   the   university  with additional travel costs.


The financial  picture for Louisiana's state-run property insurer of last resort is improving,  helped  by  the  state's  quiet hurricane season.  Louisiana  Citizens Insurance is doing better says  company

officials, but is still  $15-million  in the red. The forecast shows the imbalance should shrink by the end of the year and the company's balance sheet could be positive by mid-2014.


The Catahoula  Parish  Sheriff's  office  has  charged a 19-year-old woman  from  Jonesville  with  second-degree  murder  as  detectives believe  she  fatally  shot  her  21-year-old sister,  Tessa  Poole. Sheriff  James  Kelly  says  deputies  are  still  investigating.


The Monroe Police Department is investigating  a  pharmacy  break-in where a semi-tractor-rig was used to knock a hole in the wall. It is unclear  at  this  time  how  many  suspects  are involved or if any medication was taken. The investigation is ongoing.


The St. Mary  Parish  Sheriff's  office  says  a man who was driving around  a  parking lot in Bayou Vista naked faces  several  charges. They say 31-year-old  Nathel  Lewis  failed  to  pulled over after a deputy  was  responding  to  a complaint of a naked man  circling  a parking lot. The man was eventually  stopped  and marijuana and drug paraphernalia was found in the vehicle.




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