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News For Thursday 11/07/13

News for Thursday 110713

By Dave Graichen


Louisiana wakes up to more cool Autumn weather today. State  Climatologist Barry Keim says you'll want a jacket or sweater handy for  the next several mornings, as we start the days with temperatures in the  40's and 50's.  Keim says a cool, dry air mass from the Pacific Northwest has made its  way across the Rocky Mountains and into the Gulf South. He says we can  expect the cool, spell to last a few days at least and nice weather through the weekend.


The Jindal administration announced late Wednesday that it is moving to strip food stamps from recipients who took advantage of a technical glitch last month to stock up on free groceries.

The announcement came after U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-La., pressured state officials to take action by taking away food stamp benefits and forming a task force with local prosecutors to bring criminal charges. Retailers lost money when they allowed food stamp recipients to leave their stores with groceries even though they could not check spending limits. When the transactions were processed later, thousands bounced back because recipients exceeded their food stamp balances. Smartphone images of empty store shelves and bulging grocery carts at Wal-Marts in Springhill and Mansfield made national news.


The Many  Police  Department says after reviewing surveillance tapes and interviewing witnesses,  Walmart  has  no evidence of any theft, nor  any other criminal activity during the October  12th  EBT  card glitch.  Thus  they  have  closed  the  investigation  at this time. Additionally  they  say if the department becomes aware of  any  new evidence, then that status  could  change.  But for now, the case is closed.


Louisiana State Police plans on training its  first  cadet  class in nearly  five years starting in January 2014. Col Mike Edmonson  says they  have   over  250  candidates  that  are  undergoing  extensive

background checks,  physical  assessments and polygraphs as the next step in the journey for about 50  people  who  will become new state troopers.


Louisiana  receives  its  highest  ever  ranking  by  Site Selection magazine for business climate. The bayou state is ranked  sixth, one spot  higher than last year's ranking. Four years ago Louisiana  was

ranked  25th.


The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's  office  says  a  15  year old girl is under arrest on second degree murder charges in the death of a Bayou Vista man who was found last week. They say once Willie Francis body was identified, they developed the teen as a suspect  and  made  the arrest Tuesday evening. The case remains under investigation.


Police  in  Oakdale  say  an 18 year old is under arrest and charged with  the  second  degree  murder   of  his  grandfather.  They  say 64-year-old Norman Johnson died at the house the two shared together Monday night from a gunshot wound to  the  left  side  of his chest. Laken Johnson was arrested and transferred to the Allen Parish jail.


West  Monroe  police  arrest a woman for allegedly pepper spraying a woman she worked with at  Wendy's then posting about it on Facebook. 35-year-old Tomeka Gibson was  booked  on aggravated battery charges after the victim reported the incident to  officers then showed them the social media post.


The 13 year old boy from Terrytown who was  accused  of  killing his five  year  old  sister  when performing wrestling moves on her  has pleaded guilty to negligent  homicide  in  her  death.  The teen was charged  with manslaughter but reportedly accepted a plea  agreement on the lesser  charge  in Jefferson Parish juvenile court. He is set to be sentenced on December 4th.