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News For Tuesday 11/05/13

News for Tuesday 110513

By Dave Graichen


A Legislative Auditor's report  shows  the  Department  of  Health & Hospitals  last year paid out nearly $2-million in Medicaid benefits to persons who  were  actually dead.  DHH Secretary Kathy Kliebert wants taxpayers  to  know  this  was  not  a  case  of Medicaid Benefits being paid out fraudulently. She  says  the money was paid out to five Medicaid service providers and was based  upon  federal  Social security data that had not been updated in some time. She says  they  will  take steps to recoup the money.


Public Service Commissioner Clyde Holloway  has given  his endorsement to Vance  McAllister   in  the  race  to fill the fifth  district  congressional seat.  McAllister is in a runoff  with State Senator Neil

Riser   of   Columbia. Holloway called  McAllister   a   "sound conservative."


A  republican state lawmaker, who was considering a campaign for U-S Senate  next  year,  has  changed  his  mind  and  instead  endorsed Congressman  Bill Cassidy to go up against Mary Landrieu. Shreveport Representative  Alan  Seabaugh  told  the Louisiana Radio Network in

September   that   he  questioned  whether  Cassidy   was   a   true conservative. Now he  says his opinion is changed after watching how he handled debate during the government shutdown. The Shreveport lawmaker  is  calling  on  other GOP members to unite behind Cassidy.


The White House confirms President Barack Obama will be visiting New Orleans on Friday to discuss  the  importance  of increasing exports from the Port of New Orleans to create jobs and  boost  the economy. Governor  Bobby Jindal has reissued his invitation to the  President to visit with  parents  and  students  participating  in the state's scholarship program while he's here and discuss the DOJ's opposition to the vouchers.


There's a growing sentiment among lawmakers that they shouldn't be  allowed to hand out Tulane scholarships and LSU Board of Supervisors  should be banned from awarding LSU scholarships. State legislators can  each award one Tulane scholarship a year and in exchange Tulane doesn't have to pay sales tax.  Richard plans to file a bill for the 2014 session that would prohibit  LSU board of supervisors members from giving away scholarships to the  state's flagship university. Some lawmakers have reportedly given their award to relatives of other politicians. Richard says it's time to completely do away with these programs.


Senator David Vitter says state leaders haven't done enough to pursue  those who committed food stamp fraud last month, when the food stamp  card system crashed. The October 14th glitch triggered a run of food  cardholders on two Wal-Marts - cleaning out their shelves - when the  cards showed no credit limits. Vitter says there's been no consequence.  Vitter has urged Attorney General Buddy Caldwell and the Department of  Children & Family Services to investigate and prosecute those who

defrauded the food benefit card system, by purchasing well beyond what  they knew their card limits were. Vitter says Caldwell and DCFS have  deferred to the US Dept. of Agriculture, which runs the program.


State lawmakers voiced their concerns to education leaders about the  tougher standards that are being implemented in public schools. The  standards are called Common Core and during a legislative hearing  yesterday, Metairie Representative Cameron Henry told BESE President Chas Roemer, parents are not sold that Common Core is best for their kids. Other lawmakers said the state is not providing enough guidance or  funding to help school districts implement common core. State

Superintendent of Education John White understands the concerns, but  still believes the increased rigor in public schools will result in  students who are more prepared for life after high school graduation.  Representative Henry wasn't satisfied with the answers from White and  Roemer. The republican lawmaker says he'll file legislation that could  lead to big changes to common core.


The  Baton  Rouge Police Department says they responded to  an  area hospital Saturday night where a man claimed he was attacked then set on fire allegedly  by 5 teenagers. Investigators say the 37-year-old victim reported the teens stole a small amount of money from him and a lighter before beating  him  unconscious. Apparently the man awoke to find his pants on fire which he was able to put out and get help. The suspects remain at large.


The  Houma  Police Department says a 13-year-old boy faces negligent homicide charges  after an ATV he was driving flipped and killed one of  the five occupants. Investigators report the ATV was going at a high rate of speed when it flipped. A 14-year-old  boy was pronounced dead at the

scene.  The owner of the ATV was issued a  summons  for contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile and allowing a minor to drive.


According to the American  Automobile Association says the gas price continues to drop almost every day. The current statewide average for a gallon of regular is now $3.05.


A Baton Rouge Police officer is recovering from wounds received over the weekend,  when he was attacked from behind, beaten and kicked by three 17-year-olds.  The  off-duty officer was working security at a Chili's restaurant, and was  dealing with a female customer asked to leave  the restaurant for using  loud,  filthy  language...when  the other three jumped him. Security video helped identify the trio, who have all been arrested.


Officials with the Greater Baton  Rouge State Fair says they'll look into stiffer security measures, after  a fatal shooting this past weekend. 18-year-old Keithdrick Pier faces 2nd  degree  murder  for the  killing  of 20-year-old Darrius Scott. Officials says next year will  likely  see   metal   detectors  and  restrictions  on  minors unaccompanied by an adult.



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