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News For Wednesday 10/09/13

News for Wednesday 100913

By Dave Graichen


The Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office has taken over the investigation into the death of  a Deville woman, whose body was found in Grant Parish. Sheriff's  spokesman Lt. Tommy Carnline says deputies in Grant discovered the human  remains on October 2nd.   Carnline says Grant Parish investigators and the coroners' office  determined the woman,  61-year-old Paula Marlene Kimberlin,  was from Rapides Parish and was probably killed  here and dumped there. The RPSO is asking anyone with information to please come forward.


Opelousas  Police  say a man is charged with the first degree murder of his wife after allegedly  brutally  stabbing  her  to  death Tuesday  morning  during a domestic dispute. They say 44-year-old Hank  Moran was found in their home standing over his wife who'd been stabbed 14 times with a small pocket knife. The man is being held without bond.


Police in Alexandria say a woman is under arrest for allegedly lying about being raped. They say 49-year-old Vanessa Pierce told officers she  was  the victim of  rape  and  a  suspect  was  even  detained. Detectives discovered Pierce had given false information and she was charged with  one  count  of  injuring  public record. The person in custody was released.


The  city  of New Orleans plans to submit a major bid package to  the NFL to host the Super Bowl in 2018. The city especially wants to get the big game that year, because it will be the 300th birthday of the Crescent City,  and  will  be  a  great  beginning  to  a  year-long celebration.


As the October 19th special election to replace 5th District Congressman  Rodney Alexander heats up, many politicos are giving the advantage to  Columbia state Senator Neil Riser. Riser has the support of U.S. House  majority leader Eric Cantor. UL-Monroe political science professor

Joshua Stockley says things seem to be stacking up in Riser's favor.  Stockley says the 5th district is fairly heavily populated with actively  voting Republicans, so despite the Democrats and "other" party

candidates in the race,  he foresees a probable November runoff between  GOP candidates.


As expected, the Ouachita Parish  Police  Jury  has approved a total smoking  ban  in  bars and bingo halls. The 100-percent  smoke  free ordinance will go into  effect  January  2  and includes ALL tobacco products including electronic cigarettes, which only release water vapor.


Governor  Bobby  Jindal  is  chiming  in  on  the federal government shutdown  - now in its second week. On Fox News  yesterday,  Mr. Jindal says  the  President  is  providing  poor leadership with the matter. In addition the President is calling  for  Congress to raise the debt ceiling before October 17th. Jindal says he  opposes  that, as a way to simply "kicking the can down the road".


The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's office says a man is under arrest for allegedly using a cell phone to video tape under a woman's dress  at a department store. They say a deputy working off duty security at a Wal Mart noticed 29-year-old Jarion Sherman of Baton Rouge following the  woman  and  putting  a cell phone under her dress. He is booked with video voyeurism which is a felony.


An East Baton Rouge Parish jury finds two men not guilty in the case of the murders of 2 LSU grad students in 2007. They deliberated  for more  than  six  hours  and  EBR DA Hillar Moore says ultimately the feeling  was  the  prosecution did  not  prove  its  case  beyond  a reasonable  doubt. The  victims  were  international  students  from India.


A woman whose  pit  bulls  attacked  an  8  year old girl in 2012 is sentenced  to  six months in the Tangipahoa Parish  jail.  DA  Scott Perriloux reports  40-year-old  Bridgette  Harper  was  charged with negligent  injuring  after  her dog bit a little girl several  times while she was playing outside.  Another  owner  of the dog's case is still pending.


The  Louisiana  Department  of  Ag  and  Forestry  says  a  man from Greeenwood  keeps stealing timber. They say 61-year-old David  Lubas was booked into  the  Claiborne  Parish  jail  in Homer charged with theft  by  fraud of timber for the fourth time in  less  than  three months.


The price for Shrimp is up about a $1 from where it was this time last year  because there are fewer foreign shrimp available. Thomas Hymel (Hee-Mel) who is a marine extension educator with  the LSU Ag Center. He says we only produce about 10% of the shrimp  we consume in this country domestically. Hymel says the shrimp are in short supply here because some  shrimpers overseas are dealing with a viral disease outbreak in  their ponds. He says that's working towards Louisiana shrimpers  favor but the prices are up for everyone.



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