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News For Tuesday 10/08/13

News for Tuesday 100813

By Dave Graichen


The Rapides Parish Sheriff's office says they busted up what  appeared to be a very large and organized dog fighting ring  Saturday night. spokesman Lt. Tommy Carnline says they received a complaint about suspicious activity going on at an abandoned house  on the south end of Alexandria. Carnline says many people were seen running from the residence when  officers arrived, and they later discovered 16 vehicles parked  behind the house and 3 pit bulls inside some of the cars. Deputies also located an actual dog ring just outside the abandoned dwelling. Carnline says all of the vehicles were seized and the dogs were  taken to a local animal control. Two men were arrested. More arrests are expected.


A delegation from SACS’ Commission on Colleges will begin a three-day visit to Louisiana College today to examine the private Baptist College, which is operating under warning status from SACS for the second straight year. Louisiana College was denied reaffirmation of accreditation in December last year leaving it on warning for a second straight year. Which by the way is  the maximum amount of time an institution can be on that status. The visiting team will make a recommendation to the SACS board, which will announce its decision on the college’s status at its annual meeting in December.


Operations at Fort Polk are back to 100 percent after the government shutdown forced the base into partial closure last week. Eighty percent of the civilian workforce was furloughed last week. But, it appears all employees are back on the job.  Congress passed the Pay Our Military Act on Sept. 30, and President Barack Obama signed it just before the government shutdown began, allowing active-duty military to continue to be paid. The Pay Our Military Act also covers civilian employees as well.


With the falling  temperatures, come the falling gas prices. The American Automobile Association says it varies throughout the state, but the average gas price  in  Louisiana  for a gallon of regular is

$3.18. Shreveport Bossier is paying the least at $3.14 a gallon.


State education officials have more-or-less abandoned local school  districts to their own resources to implement rigorous new student test  standards known as Common Core. So says Scott Richard, executive  director of the Louisiana School Boards Association.  Richard says Common Core and related testing standards will require a  new curriculum and updated technologies put in place, but the state  offers no plan for getting that done. DOE calls it empowerment of the  local districts, but Richard says it's like "building an airplane while  you fly it".


The partial federal government shutdown moves into its second week and  members of Louisiana's Congressional delegation are blaming the other  political party for failing to approve a funding bill that would send  government employees back to work again. Republican Steve Scalise of  Jefferson points the finger at the democratic controlled Senate. Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu says the republican controlled House  is only willing to talk, if they get everything they want. And so it goes..


A  US  judge  in New Orleans began hearing testimony Monday about how much oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico suing the 2010 BP spill. The US government's  estimate is 4.2 million barrels. Associate Director of the Tulane Energy  Institute,  Eric  Smith,  says the estimate is based on video that showed large amounts of oil slowing  out  of the blow out well. BP's estimate is much lower at 2.45 million barrels and that is  the argument they will make.


LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger is the SEC Offensive Player of the week  after  leading  LSU to a 59-26 victory over Mississippi State. Mett  completed 25 passes  on  29  attempts  for  340  yards  and  4 touchdowns.


A Bossier Parish man is behind bars, after viciously stabbing both his  parents Sunday. Authorities say 29-year- old Steve Hall II lived with his mom and dad. Though his motive is yet unknown, it’s believed he was upset with his folks after they asked him to get a place of his own.


An insanity hearing is scheduled in a Livingston court today for the  man who allegedly cut his unborn baby out of its mother when he claimed to be high on bath salts. The disturbing incident took place almost  exactly  a  year ago. Jeffrey Reynolds of Walker was charged with feticide.



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