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News For Friday 09/27/13

News for Friday 092713

By Dave Graichen


A new study shows Louisiana ranks ninth in the country in the rate of  women murdered by men. The Violence Policy Center released the report to  coincide with Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October. V-P-C  Legislative director Kristen Rand says 90-percent of the females who are murdered by men, know their  attacker and 66-percent of the victims were fatally shot.  Rand also urges women to reach out to their local domestic violence  center if they are in an abusive relationship that has the potential of  spiraling out of control.


 Federal health officials say Louisianans will find more choices and  perhaps cheaper health insurance, if they look into the federal health-  care marketplace that opens October 1st. Marjorie Petty is Regional  Director for the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. She says

 average premiums in Louisiana are pretty low. Petty says there are subsidies and possible tax credits to offset  premium costs for households at 100% to 400% of the federal poverty  level. She says a young person, making less than $30k a year, can get  coverage for as little as $74 a month. Petty says you can browse 40  health plans online at "HealthCare.gov".


Two former members of the Monroe City Council will serve prison time and  probation  for  taking bribes. 61-year-old Robert "Red' Stevens and 55-year-old Arthur  Gilmore  Jr.  were  found guilty last May of taking cash bribes from undercover FBI agents  during a racketeering sting  in  2008  and  2009.  Gilmore received a 24 months  sentence; Stevens 20 months.


The LSU Board of Supervisors  has  been  ordered to pay thousands of dollars in penalties to the two newspapers  that  sued them over not turning over the presidential search records. The decision  announced yesterday by Judge  Janice  Clark is estimated to cost LSU nearly $80,000. That's

on top of the $63,000 contempt of court fine.


The governor was on hand yesterday for the ground breaking of  the  new $55 million dollar IBM Technology Center in downtown Baton Rouge.  The  facility is  expected  to be open in mid-2015 and would create 800 new direct jobs.


the  Thibodaux Police Department is investigating a double  homicide  that was  discovered  late  Wednesday. Spokesman David Melancon says the bodies of 19-year-old Tre  Scott and 26-year-old Jordy Williams, both of Thibodaux, were discovered  inside  a  vehicle.  He  says it appeared the two had been gunned down in the car...


A  steel-making plant under construction  in  St.  James  Parish  is delaying  its  opening,  after  a storage dome at the site collapsed yesterday.  No  one  was  hurt in the  accident,  and  no  hazardous materials were released. Nucor Steel says the plant was set to start

up in a few weeks. Now, they  say it will more than likely be around the end of the year. Nucor says  they  must  investigate the failure and assess damage.


The  next  crime  fighting  tool  to  hit  Louisiana involves police officers  wearing  cameras  on their uniforms.  New  Orleans  Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas says  their  police  cars  already  have

cameras,  but the body cameras will just be something else they have to help catch the bad guys.New Orleans has one of the highest murder rates in the country.


Bossier  City  Police  say two women are under arrest for  allegedly stealing pregnancy tests from Wal-Mart. They say 20-year-old Madison Turpin and 30-year-old Josephine  Momoh of Dallas were each arrested for theft of goods. Apparently they  each  took  the  tests  in  the bathroom  at  the  store then put them in the trash. The results are not known.



An offensive shootout is expected on Saturday when sixth  ranked LSU visits  ninth  ranked Georgia. Both of these teams are averaging  40 points or more a game. Tigers offensive coordinator Cam Cameron says they will take what the Georgia defense gives them on Saturday. `