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News For Friday 9/20/13

News for Friday 092013

By Dave Graichen


Much needed rain is expected to fall across the state today and tomorrow  as the result of an approaching cold front State Climatologist Barry Keim says this weather system has the potential of producing 2-to-3  inches of rain. Keim says this will be the first of several cold fronts that will move

across the state over the next few weeks. Sunday is the first day of  fall and Keim says it may actually feel like it, once this front passes.


This Saturday's LSU-Auburn game in Tiger Stadium is sold-out. It's the  first sell-out of the season. In fact last Saturday's home game against  Kent State drew less than 90-thousand fans for the first time since  2005.  Coach Les Miles said earlier this week that he's looking forward to  turning on the electricity in Tiger Stadium this Saturday.


Latest numbers from the US Census Bureau say Louisiana had the third highest poverty rate for 2012 at  20-percent.  Only  Mississippi and New Mexico were higher. But Louisiana is one of the few  states that had an increase in median household income, when comparing  2012  to 200. Louisiana's median income rose four percent during that time.


State  Police  say  a  Bunkie  man is behind bars after being busted robbing a residence in St. Landry  Parish  then getting into a wreck with his five year old child in the car. They  say  32-year-old Jace

Deshotel  traveled  off the road and into a ditch when  fleeing  the scene. The child sustained  minor  injuries. Desohtel is booked with felony theft and child endangerment.


Another  poll  shows  Governor  Jindal is a long shot to receive the republican presidential nomination  in  2016.  Public Policy Polling conducted a survey in New Hampshire, the fisrt state to take hold of

a national primary election, and only 3-percent  of  the respondents picked  Jindal  out  of  a  field  of potential GOP candidates.


A federal judge in New Orleans accepts  a  plea  agreement that will result  in  a  200-thousand  dollar  fine  against  Haliburton   for destroying  key  evidence  following  the B-P spill. Halliburton was

B-P's cement contractor for the rig that exploded in April of 2010.


The 11th annual Natchitoches Meat Pie Festival, a free event open to  the public and held on the riverbank in the historic downtown, kicks  off today. Natchitoches tourism spokeswoman Farrah Reyna (Rain-ah) says  this is a festival centered around food, music, fun and of course the

almighty meat pie.


The father  of  one  of  the  victims  in the triple murder of a New Orleans  police  dispatcher  and  her two adult  children  has  been arrested. 41-year-old Shawn Peterson  who  had  a record of domestic

violence has been charged with three counts of first  degree  murder in  the  deaths  of  Christine George and her daughter Trisa and son Leonard.


The state fire marshal’s office reports, the 19-year-old man arrested yesterday in a rash of suspicious fires in several neighborhoods along La. 10 admitted to setting six fires and as many as a dozen more in the New Roads area. Nicholas Powell was booked on four counts of simple arson and one count of aggravated arson. Authorities plan to charge Powell today with seven additional counts of simple arson for fires dating as far back as 2010 in the New Roads area.


Opelousas Police say one of two horses that  were  racing each other down   a   main   thoroughfare   slammed   into  a  minivan.  Police spokesperson, Sergeant Jody White, says the accident happened during the middle of day on Wednesday afternoon. nWhite says the two young adult horse riders fled the scene on their horses, even though one of the horses was severely  injured. He says these two face several charges and anyone with information  is urged to contact law enforcement.


LSU  says its enrolled  one  of  its  biggest  freshman  classes  in history.   School  officials  say  5,501  first-year  students  were admitted this year which is the third largest ever.


Louisiana  Tech  says  first-time freshman enrollment for  the  fall quarter is up nearly 20-percent  over  last year. Louisiana Tech  is  also attracting an academically stronger student as the average incoming freshman ACT score is 24.7.


Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Secretary Robert Barham is excited  to report the famous Louisiana black bear could soon be removed from  the threatened species list. He says they know the numbers are  increasing and LDWF is hoping to have the black bear de-listed with  federal wildlife officials by April 2014.  In 1902, President Teddy Roosevelt made the black bear famous by saving

a cub during a presidential hunting trip which is how the teddy bear  got its name. Barham says LDWF has been working hard to build the black  bear population in Louisiana and they believe their efforts have been  paying off.




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