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News For Wednesday 09/18/13

News For Wednesday 091813

By Dave Graichen


Today is the last day to register to vote if you want to vote in the  October 19th election. Secretary of State Tom Schedler, who oversees  elections, says October 19th will see elections in 49 parishes; many of them voting for  a new U.S. Representative for the sprawling District 5. Schedler  says  it's an important election, and if you want to sure you can cast a vote  in it, register before the end of the day.


A phoned-in bomb threat led to the evacuation of the Kmart store in Pineville  Tuesday afternoon.

Pineville Police officers searched the store but found nothing suspicious. A male caller phone in the threat to the store manager about 1:30 in the afternoon.


A new report that measured economic growth in U.S. cities for 2012 found that New Orleans was one of the country’s 10 biggest gainers, Baton Rouge increased more than the national average and Lafayette had one of the biggest drops in the country. The report, released Tuesday by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis measured the gross domestic product, or the value of all goods and services produced in a metropolitan area, during 2012. Four of the eight Louisiana metros in the survey saw their GDP go up in 2012, while the rest reported decreases. The Alexandria metro had a small 0.5 percent drop in GDP


Long-time  Union  Parish  Sheriff  Bob  Buckley lost his battle with cancer  Tuesday at the age of 65. Buckley was  diagnosed  with  rectal cancer earlier this year. Police jury president AJ Smith says it's a

sad day in  Union  Parish,  as  Buckley  served  as  sheriff  for 24 years.


A  state  judge has ordered  a  third  competency  hearing  for  the Thibodaux man  accused  of  killing  his disabled son in 2011. Judge John  LeBlanc  was  set  to make the ruling  yesterday  but  instead scheduled more hearings in  November  to  determine  whether  or not Jeremiah Wright is fit to stand trial.


 The Powerball jackpot for tonight's drawing has once again reached a  massive amount. Louisiana Lottery spokeswoman Kimberly Chopin says the  estimated prize is up to $400 million with a cash value of $223.6  million. The deadline to purchase a ticket is tonight at 9.


Five former New  Orleans  cops,  who  were  convicted of unjustified killings  on  a city bridge in the aftermath of  Hurricane  Katrina, will get a new  trial.  A  federal  judge  has ruled that the "truly

bizarre"  actions of the prosecutors in the original  trial  warrant tossing out  the officers' convictions. The officers shot and killed two unarmed men  and  wounded  four others on September 4th of 2005,

while the city was in chaos after the hurricane and flood.


 A new study from Pew Charitable Trusts shows Louisiana among states  that have seen a drop in juvenile incarcerations of 50-percent or more.  Office of Juvenile Justice Secretary Dr. Mary Livers (LIE-vers) says  it's an indicator that our state is in the forefront of juvenile justice reform. The Pew report says juvenile incarcerations in Louisiana went down by  68-percent from 1997 to 2011. Our state was among the top ten for  reducing the number of juveniles in correctional centers.


The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office  says a 35-year-old Bayou Vista man was arrested early this morning after  allegedly  riding  on the top  of a woman's car to try to stop her from leaving him. They  say Abel Ortiz jumped on the hood as the woman was driving away with her one year old and he actually busted the windshield with a knife.


State Police say a casino cheat, who avoided arrest last month after being  caught  scamming a Baton Rouge casino, has  been  busted  for doing the same thing  at  a  casino  in  Connecticut.  LSP Sgt. Nick Manale says 54-year-old Bruce Koloshi used infrared ink - that could only  be seen with special contact lenses - to mark cards.  


The  Mayor  of  DeQuincy says the article that has been circling the internet claiming  he's  made  "twerking"  in  the  town  illegal is foolishness that is not true. The satirical article claims the dance

craze  had become such a problem in the town, first offenders  would face  a  mandatory   30   days  in  jail.  DeQuincy  Mayor  Lawrence Henagan  says they have no intention of banning any dance move in the town.


A Pointe Coupee Parish man caught a 760 pound alligator that was 13- feet-four inches long in West Baton Rouge Parish. Earlier this month,  two alligators over 700-pounds were caught in Mississippi. Alligator season started about three weeks ago. A 60-year-old  gator that was nearly 13-feet long was also harvested in Red River Parish last week.