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News For Thursday 08/15/13

News for Thursday 081513

By Dave Graichen


State Rep. Robert Johnson, a democrat from Marksville, said Wednesday he will run for the 5th congressional district seat being vacated by U.S. Rep. Rodney Alexander. Johnson, who will discuss his plans Thursday at Marksville High School, becomes the first announced Democrat in the race who could receive support from the Louisiana Democratic Party as the party seeks to claim another seat in Congress.


There was a shooting in Alexandria yesterday afternoon. The APD reports the shooting took place just before 1:30 in the 1300 block of Fenner Street. The unidentified victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment, but no information about the victim was released.


Forecasters are keeping an eye on two tropical waves, one of them is  approaching the Gulf of Mexico. State Climatologist Barry Keim says  there's a good chance both of these systems will turn into a named  storm. The broad area of low pressure in the northwestern Caribbean Sea is

moving west-northwest at ten to 15 miles per hour and it’s expected to  make its way into the gulf of Mexico. But the good news according to Keim is conditions over the  gulf are not very supportive for tropical storm or hurricane development right now. However, it does appear that hurricane season is starting to warm up.


The town of St. Joseph in Tensas (Ten-Saw) Parish is coming together  today as they move forward from Tuesday's hostage incident where a  crazed gunman shot two employees at Tensas State Bank, killing one of  them.  The 20-year-old shooter was gunned down by troopers just before  midnight Tuesday after he shot the two remaining victims in the  chest -- one of them died the other rushed to the hospital and is still in critical condition.


State Treasurer John Kennedy said Wednesday that 19 community organizations have three weeks to detail how they spent taxpayer dollars. The groups in Kennedy’s crosshairs include groups in New Orleans and Lafayette with ties to current and former legislators. Kennedy threatened last month to forward files on 34 community groups to a new state debt collection unit unless they explained how $4.5 million in taxpayer money was spent. The groups, called nongovernmental organizations, or ngos, are supposed to file paperwork after receiving money from the state.


A state judge has found the LSU Board of Supervisors in contempt of court for not complying with her April 30 order to turn over to The Advocate and The Times-Picayune newspapers records related to the university’s search for a new president. District Judge Janice Clark on Wednesday fined LSU $500 a day for each day the school fails to comply with her order. LSU’s attorney says the school will continue to appeal Clark’s ruling as well as the contempt citation.


The governor's coastal adviser tells lawmakers he's not happy the  Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority filed suit against the  oil and gas industry. The levee board alleges nearly 100 oil and gas  companies are responsible for damage done to Louisiana's coast. But  Garret Graves, says the levee board is not looking at the big picture. Graves says the Army Corps of Engineers is the bigger culprit when it  comes to coastal land loss.


The owner of the Southwest Rice Mill in Crowley pleaded guilty Wednesday to a federal environmental charge in a deal that calls for his company to pay $1 million to reimburse federal and state agencies for cleaning up an estimated 266 barrels of waste oil that leaked from a damaged tank near the mill. The owner of the mill was accused of not alerting authorities to the spilled oil, which flowed down a drainage ditch and then into Bayou Blanc in Crowley.


Here's one that you don't see every day. Police  in Scott say a very intoxicated  man  rode  his  horse  into a bar called Cowboy's  last night, causing a major disturbance. Chief  of Police Chad Leger says

26-year-old Jeremy Mouton was asked to leave  the  bar by management and he wasn't happy about it. He  says the suspect lassoed a man and then drug him  around  behind the horse  in  the  parking  lot.  He is charged with a long list of crimes, including disturbing the peace,  second-degree  battery  and public intimidation.


The St.  Bernard  Parish Sheriff's office says a man is under arrest after deputies found over 30 dead dogs, including 29 puppies, in his refrigerator. They  say  they  received  a tip from 52-year-old Juan

Toledo's  girlfriend.  He's  been charged with  a  count  of  animal cruelty for each dog.

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