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News For Thursday 07/18/13

News for Thursday 071813

By Dave Graichen


Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell  Normand  says  the  suspect  in the murder  of  6-year-old  Ahlittia  North,  of Harvey, has admitted he committed the crime. 20-year-old Matthew Flugence is charged with 1st degree  murder,  after his arrest in Westwego Tuesday  night.  Sheriff Normand says Flugence confessed during questioning. Flugence is a nephew  of  the little girl's step-father. The child's body was found early yesterday in a trash bin near her home.


State education officials report 3,600 more public high school seniors  achieved a score of 18 or higher on the ACT last school year. State  Superintendent of Education John White says that means more students are  eligible for college and more are eligible for the TOPS scholarship  program. White says of the  approximately 37-thousand seniors who took the ACT last academic year,  nearly 22,000 achieved a college-eligible score of 18 or higher.


Police in Crowley are investigating acts  of  vandalism  at  a local church;  the  second  such  offenses at the church in a year. Pastor Larry Guidry, of the Church of Christ in Crowley, says someone broke in and ransacked the place and wrote "you told me lies" on his desk. Less  than a year ago, vandals  threw  rocks  through  the  church's

windows. Crowley Police are seeking clues and tips from citizens.


The two brothers accused in the Mother's Day second line shooting in New  Orleans  have  plead  not guilty. 19-year-old Akein  Scott  and 24-year-old Shawn Scott were  arraigned yesterday on 20 counts of attempted second degree murder.


 An apparent argument over the TV turned into attempted murder in DeSoto  Parish. Sheriff's Office spokesman Lt. Horace Womack said 17-year-old  Stephen Raybon of Grand Cane allegedly shot 21-year-old William Dowling  of Mansfield after a disagreement over the volume of the program they were watching. Womack says Dowling was shot once in the chest with a .40 caliber  handgun. Raybon will be charged with attempted second degree  murder. The victim is in stable condition.


Minden Police say they busted  a local man for possession of a large amount of synthetic marijuana, a  schedule  1  controlled  dangerous substance.  24-year-old  Paul  Presley reportedly had more than  500 grams  of  the  product; about $3000  worth.  He's  been  booked  on possession with intent to distribute. Presley was on probation for a previous charge; that has been suspended.


A  Craigslist  scam  leads  to  the  arrest  of  a  15-year-old  and 18-year-old The Zachery teens allegedly advertised a $180 iPad  to  sell  but  when  a Baton Rouge couple showed up to buy it the teens robbed them. Luckily, the couple took pictures of them as they approached their car.


Four  arrests  have  been  made in the weekend shooting death  of  a Donaldsonville man. Ascension  Parish  Deputies say they were called to  the  scene  of  a  large fight but upon arrival  found  Brisecon Jasmine dead. Detectives  developed  several  suspects  and arrested four men in connection with the shooting death of Jasmine.


 Despite some troubling stories about cruise ships last year, 2012 was a  good year for the cruise industry out of New Orleans. Port of New  Orleans president & CEO Gary LaGrange (luh-GRAHNZHE) says spending on cruises out of the Crescent City saw a healthy increase last year. The figures are from a report released this week by the Cruise Line  International Association. They show Louisiana cruise spending at over $399-million last year; an increase of 42% over 2011. LaGrange says the  industry gained over 2000 permanent full-time jobs as well.


If you're a fan of Abita Beer you'll be interested in two big  announcements the company made this week. Abita President David  Blossman says one of their most popular beers, Andygator, will become  available in 6 packs by October. He says Andygator has a cult following and started mainly as a draft-driven brand.  Blossman says they are also excited to announce they are adding a new  beer to their line starting in December. He says the Grapefruit  Harvest I.P.A. is a natural fit within the rest of the Abita Beer family.





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