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News For Monday 07/15/13

News for Monday 071513

By Dave Graichen


The state Legislature will not call its members into a special session  to consider overriding Governor Jindal's veto decisions. The Senate  voted 26-13 against the session, despite calls from Democrat leaders to  undo cuts to programs for disabled persons.  In the House, only 39 of 105 members voted against the session, but state law says if a majority of members in EITHER chamber vote "no", the  veto session is cancelled.  Louisiana hasn't had a veto override session in modern times.


Pleading guilty to simple battery, LSU running back Jeremy  Hill has been  given  a  six-month  suspended  prison  sentence, two years of probation and ordered to pay 375-dollars in restitution  for hitting another  man  outside  a  Baton  Rouge  bar  last April. Hill still may have his probation from a previous crime revoked.


Louisiana's  unclaimed  property   program   distributed   a  record 31-million  dollars  in  checks to residents during the fiscal  year that ended June 30th. The  money  comes  from old checking accounts, CDs, insurance proceeds and utility deposits. When a business cannot locate the person the money belongs to, they  turn  it  over  to the

state.  State  Treasurer John Kennedy says there's still 575-million dollars that needs  to  be  claimed  by  over 500-thousand Louisiana residents. Kennedy says you can check to see if Louisiana has any of your money by going to latreasury.com.


Could Opelousas state Senator Elbert Guillory be thinking of running for  U.S. Senate against Mary Landrieu? Guillory recently switched parties,  becoming the state legislature's only black Republican. Guillory posted a YouTube video last month explaining why he left the  Democrats to join the GOP. It's been viewed nearly 800-thousand times.  Since then he's appeared on numerous national radio and cable TV talks  shows. It's been suggested that, as a republican in the Senate race he

 could draw black votes that another GOP candidate probably wouldn't


A Harvey family woke up to every parent’s worst nightmare Saturday morning: their child missing without a trace. Six-year-old Ahlitta North disappeared from her mother’s home sometime between 11 p.m. Friday and 9 a.m. Saturday. Authorities say there were no signs of forced entry and that the front door was ajar. Family members said a handful of the girl’s possessions, a toothbrush, blanket and toothpaste, also were missing.


LSU's chief of Health Care Services is resigning. Dr. Michael Kaiser says  he'll  exit  his  $350-thousand  a year position at the end of August. Kaiser began the job last fall as  the Jindal administration worked toward privatization of six of the seven charity hospitals in south Louisiana under the umbrella of the LSU  Health Care Services. He's  presided over the layoffs of thousands of state  employees  at LSU medical facilities statewide.


A new ranking by financial website Kiplinger.com rates Louisiana  America's Most Disaster-Prone State. State Insurance Commissioner Jim  Donelon says this comes as little surprise, based on how the report's  data was collected. The Kiplinger report covers a period from 2003 through 2012, and shows  Louisiana had 7 hurricanes, 2 tropical storms and 20 other severe  weather incidents during that time. Estimated insured property losses over $32-billion. Donelon says  Florida was Number Two on the Kiplinger "Disaster-Prone List", followed by Texas, Mississippi then New York at Number Five--due to huge losses from Superstorm Sandy.




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