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News For Thursday 07/11/13

News for Thursday 071113

By Dave Graichen


Governor  Jindal  announces  a  Russian company called Eurochem will build a fertilizer plant in either  St.  John  or  Iberville Parish. Jindal  says  the facility will take three to four years  to  build, creating two-thousand  construction  jobs.  The plant is expected to

employ 15-hundred workers.


State lawmakers have until midnight tonight to vote to call off a  mandatorily scheduled veto override session. House Democratic Caucus  leader John Bel Edwards, of Amite, wants legislators to convene the  special session. He says Governor Jindal's vetoes were too harsh this  year. State law says a session to consider overturning any of the Governor's  vetoes is automatically slated, unless a majority vote it un-necessary.


To cope with ongoing budget troubles, Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration has steadily depleted a trust fund for elderly services created with an infusion of federal cash a decade ago. When Jindal took office, the Medicaid Trust Fund for the Elderly contained more than $830 million. Today, according to the state treasurer’s office, the balance has dropped to $410 million. By the end of the current fiscal year, it is projected to sink to $250 million or less. Officials involved with creating the fund expected the state to use largely the interest and investment earnings and leave the principal alone, so the fund would be available for decades.


The latest on Chantal; the system is now a tropical  wave  -  a  bit south  of  Haiti,  but some computer models show the storm regaining strength and turning  to  the  north, toward the Florida east coast. Another model predicts the system will proceed west into the Gulf.


The Louisiana National Guard's Counterdrug  Task Force announces the seizure of about  ten million dollars in marijuana plants growing in Vernon Parish. Counterdrug Task Force coordinator Lieutenant Colonel Ray Schindler says their high-tech aerial equipment  helped  uncover thousands of pot plants on a three acre plot. Schindler says this is the  largest  marijuana  eradication  seizure the Louisiana National Guard has ever participated in. Schindler  says  no  arrests  have  yet been made related to the pot



Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, predicts one-third of its  customers who purchase their own policies will see their premiums  decrease under the new federal health care law. However, Senior Economist Michael  Bertaut says policy holders who receive insurance through their  workplace could see their premiums rise.  About 175-thousand Blue Cross customers pay for their own insurance.  Bertaut says fortunatly two-thirds of those policyholders will continue  to pay the same premiums or even less when the health care changes take  effect in 2014.


According to a  report  by  Kiplinger,  Louisiana  is the state most disaster prone state in the nation. The study was put together based on which state has suffered the biggest property loss.  The  Pelican State got the No. 1 spot, mostly because of Hurricane Katrina – the costliest disaster in US history.


Police  in  Baton  Rouge  arrest  a  man  and his wife  for  running prostitution  in  their home, in a quiet neighborhood.  Charles  and Kaelice Smith have  been taken into custody. Officers say Mrs. Smith was selling herself for  sex  in  the home; using an Internet add to solicit business. Mr. Smith would take the couple's two children for

a ride when clients came by. The kids have been placed with a family relative.


The annual Manning Passing Academy starts today at Nicholls State  University. The traditional summer camp helps hundreds of young players  from around the country build up their football skills. The camp is in its  eighth year in Thibodeaux


The  company  responsible  for the 4-mile wide rainbow sheen visible from the natural gas leak of  a  well southwest of Port Fourchon has had problems before. The leak started  Tuesday but Energy Resource Technology-Gulf of Mexico LLC has been cited  for  problems  in 2007 and  2008.  They  have  also been investigated for several accidents since 2005 that included three fatalities.


Police in Zachary say a man  is  under  arrest for beating up his 88 year old grandmother -- breaking her eye  socket  and nose. They say 31-year-old  Keon  Brown  told  family  members his grandmother  had actually  fallen. The man was booked on counts  of  cruelty  to  the infirmed and second-degree battery involving domestic violence.


Research  done  by a doctor at the LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans has found  people  can  become  very  ill  and even die from eating a raw crawfish. Doctor James Diaz says he's found 16 cases in the US where people consumed a parasite from eating  a  raw crawfish and it developed into a serious lung infection. Diaz says the infection is not possible when eating boiled crawfish.


Convicted  killer  Brandon Lavergne has kept busy while serving life in Angola for the murders  of Mickey Shunick and Lisa Pate. Lavergne has filed lawsuits against dozens  of  individuals,  law enforcement agencies  and  media - alleging slander, libel, false reporting  and theft of his personal  property.  Lavergne's  suits  may never see a

courtroom  if  he  cannot  raise  the money needed for filing  fees. Remember, Lavergne confessed to the murders and pleaded guilty.


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