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News For Thursday 06/20/13

News for Thursday 062013

By Dave Graichen


Six  executives of a Louisiana company have been arrested on charges of improperly storing explosives. Each faces five felony charges and five accompanying  conspiracy  counts.  State  officials  say  Explo improperly stored millions of pounds of military propellant after an explosion,  a  discovery  that  led to the evacuation of the town of



We have our second named storm  of  the  2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season.  Tropical  Storm Barry is over the Bay of  Campeche  in  the Southern Gulf and on  track  to  head  inland into Mexico; making no threat to U.S. shores.


Senator  David  Vitter's amendment to the federal immigration  bill, which would have  mandated  that  securing the border at Mexico be a priority in the bill, has been defeated  on  the  Senate  floor.  51 Senate  democrats  and  7  fellow  republicans voted against Vitters proposal. One of them was Florida Senator  Marco  Rubio,  one of the architects of the immigration reforms bill.


Governor  Bobby  Jindal signs into law a measure  that  provides  an additional one-million  dollars  in  state  money  to  help  provide services for the hearing impaired. The telecommunications Fund for the Deaf  is mostly funded by a five cent  tax  on  landline phones. But revenues have  declined  because there are fewer homes with landline service.


Some unfinished business in the state Legislature could result in  Louisianans being told to have a passport to get on any commercial  flight.  Office of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Stephen Campbell says a  transportation bill,  that was allowed to die on the Senate floor,  would have undone a 2008 act, passed by state lawmakers. That act stated the new federal Real ID was too intrusive. Since then, Homeland security has loosened some to the requirements and even extended the deadline for compliance. However, this fall, unless the deadline is extended again, Louisiana will have to comply. Campbell says the OMV is trying to come up with a way to do so without having to involve the legislature.


The LSU baseball team returned to Baton Rouge yesterday afternoon after  a shorter than expected stay at the College World Series. The  disappointment was still evident on the coaches and players' faces.  Coach Paul Mainieri wishes they could have brought home another  championship for the fans. Mainieri says he's already thinking about making a return trip to the  College World Series next season.


Shreveport  Police arrest a babysitter for the death of a 3-year-old girl Monday night.  Police  spokesman  Corporal  Marcus  Hines  says 32-year-old  Tarika  Wilson  was  caring  for  the  little girl, and brought her into the LSU Shreveport Hospital ER that  night. He says doctors immediately noticed sings of physical abuse, which  launched

an investigation. The child died from her injuries, and now  Wilson  is  charged  with

2nd-degree murder.


The town of Grand  Isle  got a bit of a scare yesterday when a large waterspout, that’s more or less a tornado over water, formed just of the coast. Police say the waterspout stayed just offshore. But, strong winds surrounding it damaged several buildings and knocked down a power line. The good news is, no one was hurt.


The LSU Board of Supervisors approved Wednesday an agreement lacking in financial details for the private takeover of LSU’s public hospital in Bogalusa. The agreement could also reduce the health care for women currently provided at the hospital and its clinics in the rural Washington Parish. The documents the board used included a “cost-analysis” sheet filled with blank spaces as well as hospital and equipment leases with no numbers. The name of the legal entity with which LSU and the state is contracting with is also missing.


Wade Lohse, formerly Acadian's most wanted man is scheduled to be in court on his vehicular  homicide charge next month. Lohse is accused of being drunk when he got  into  an  wreck that claimed the life of Cacie  Barras.  The  runaway  defendant also  faces  multiple  other charges. His lawyer reportedly  plans  to  file a motion to move the

trial  outside  of  Lafayette  Parish because of  massive  pre-trial publicity the case has received.


Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne's office is now responsible for overseeing  the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board. Dardenne says the  move by legislators makes sense since his office is already in charge  of Louisiana's tourism marketing. Dardenne says the seafood board was very small before the BP oil spill  but has since received $30 million from the oil giant. The new law takes effect July  1st.


A Lake Providence man is dead  after  a  fatal crash that involve  a train  in  Ouachita Parish. State Police Troop  F  spokesman  Albert Paxton says  22-year-old  Jason  Hensley was driving his truck while towing a car and was unable to stop  before  colliding with a train. The  crash  remains  under  investigation  and alcohol  use  is  not



The  state  Department  of  Transportation and Development says  the White Castle ferry is shutting  down for good on Friday. The closure comes before the planned June 28th  date  because DOTD says there is no  staff  continue  the  service  until that time  as  workers  are resigning in advance of their layoff.  The state says $1.3 million a

year is going to be saved by closing the White Castle ferry.




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