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News For Friday 05/31/13

News for Friday 053113

By Dave Graichen


Federal investigators say they are now  looking  into three letters, laced   with  the  toxin  ricin,  that  were  all  postmarked   from Shreveport.  One  was sent to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, another to his DC-based  gun control group and the third was sent to President Obama. Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover says police and city

offices are cooperating fully  with  the  FBI's investigation of the potentially deadly letters.


Tweeting while driving will now be against the law in Louisiana. Gov. Bobby Jindal announced Thursday his signature on Senate Bill 147. The bill nixes posting on Facebook and accessing other social network sites while behind the wheel.


The governor also signed House Bill 265, which creates a lifetime concealed weapons permit. The permit costs $500 and requires training and education every five years.


Governor Jindal  has  signed legislation giving residents the option of having the words "I'm  a  Cajun"  emblazoned  on  their  driver's license. Another  bill still moving through the legislature would set up "I'm Cajun" specialty license plates.


Another  bill  headed  to  the  Governor's desk  will  increase  the penalties  for acts of domestic violence  that  involve  the  victim being burned.  Monroe Senator Bob Kostelka sponsors the legislation, which makes domestic  violence with burning a felony punishable by 5 to 50 years with or without hard labor.


The state House of Representatives approved a bill Thursday that would expand technical education in all corners of the state. The 88-11 vote in favor of the community and technical college construction bill marks one of the last steps for a piece of legislation that has been roundly criticized by the state treasurer, the state Board of Regents and the people who run Louisiana’s four-year schools. The bill now heads back to the Senate for approval of technical changes made in the House. Then the measure goes to Gov. Bobby Jindal’s desk for signing into law.


A state Senate committee clipped the fiscal hawks’ wings Thursday on a package of bills aimed at revamping the state budget process. Amendments to the bills marked the second day in a row that the Senate Finance Committee spurned significant portions of the Louisiana House’s approach to the state spending plan. The committee refused to embed the hawks’ proposals into the state constitution, choosing instead to turn them into a pilot program that could fade away in a few years.


The Senate Education Committee has denied a compromise intended to spare Louisiana teachers from glitches in the state's evaluation program that could affect their employment status. Senators voted 4-3 against approving House Bill 160 The bill sought to delay for one year the Compass system’s determination that a teacher is incompetent so flaws in the system could be worked out.


It a great argument for wearing your seatbelt. Two Slidell police officers were injured when their patrol car hit a cement culvert and flipped during a chase. The officers were buckled up  and suffered minor injuries. The person they  were  chasing  was

eventually caught.


It’s a case of a man’s past coming back to haunt him. State  Police  arrest  a  Lafayette man on aggravated rape  charges. L-S-P  says  they  were able gather  enough  information  to  arrest 66-year-old Joseph Thibodeaux even though the encounters occurred 40 years ago.


Legislation requiring state government to pay men and women equally who  perform similar jobs is close to final legislative passage. The House  Labor Committee has endorsed the Senate approved bill and it heads to  the House floor for more debate. The bill will give employers the ability to pay one gender  more than the other if the pay structure is based on seniority,  education or experience.


A  former  Angola prison guard pleads  guilty  to  covering  up  the beating of an  inmate.  Prosecutors  say  the guard witnessed the beating but filed a false report denying the  assault happened. With his guilty plea he could face up to 25 years in  prison  himself.  A sentencing date is yet unknown.


After  her  Senate  floor tirade this week,  declaring  that  anyone opposed  to the Medicaid  Expansion  contained  in  Obamacare  is  a racist, New Orleans Senator Karen Peterson is now dodging questions. A Baton Rouge  TV  crew  asking  about  the comments, was ignored by Peterson as she rushed into the Capitol.  Peterson said Tuesday that opposition  to  the  expansion  "comes  down  to  the  race  of  the President".  Peterson  is also chairman of the Louisiana  Democratic Party.




The Baton Rouge regional gets underway today with LSU taking on Jackson State at 2:00 and then UL Lafayette will battle Sam Houston State at  7:00. If the Tigers and Cajuns win, they'll face each other on Saturday  night.


The Alexandria Aces cruised to a 5-1 victory over the Rio Grande Valley Whitewings before 290 fans at Bringhurst Field last night.

God Bless America & Our Home Louisiana


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