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News For Wednesday 05/08/13

News for Wednesday 050813

By Dave Graichen


A  single  vehicle  crash on Interstate 49  claims  the  life  of  a Pineville woman. State  Police reports the victim, 58-year-old Linda Jett, lost control of her  car and crashed into several trees on the side of the highway. She was  able  to  be  removed from the burning vehicle  by a passing motorist but was later pronounced  dead  at  a local hospital. The accident happened yesterday morning.


The Alexandria mall is cracking down on those roaming mobs of young people who seem to fill the mall on weekends. Mall officials announced a new policy Tuesday stating,  anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult from 5 p.m. until close on Friday and Saturday evenings. The program is being branded “@5 Family Weekends” because it’s intended to put the focus back on a family friendly atmosphere in the mall. The policy will be enforced by mall security.


The annual Stamp Out Hunger! food drive involving letter carriers nationwide is set for Saturday. Locally, the drive will benefit the Food Bank of Central Louisiana in Alexandria. To participate, residents are asked to leave a sturdy bag containing non-perishable foods -- such as canned soup, canned vegetables, pasta, rice or cereal -- next to their mailbox prior to the time of regular delivery on Saturday, May 11. Local letter carriers will collect these donations as they deliver the mail and take them to The Food Bank of Central Louisiana.


The  state  Supreme  Court  has  ruled  the  funding  mechanism  for Louisiana's  private  school  tuition vouchers program violates  the state Constitution. The High Court ruled that using dollars from the so-called Minimum Foundation Program,  the  fund  for  public school funding  to  pay  the  vouchers  goes  against  the language of  the

Constitution.  Seemingly  un-phased, Governor Jindal  said he can get the millions needed to fund the vouchers in house bill #1, the state’s overall budget, before  it  makes  final  passage. That budget is already over a billion dollars in the red.


Details emerge on what's contained in the Louisiana House's proposed budget  for  the fiscal year that starts July 1st.  A  coalition  of Democrats and Republican "Fiscal Hawks" proposes to reduce state tax credits by 15  percent  as a way to fund critical services. The Governor's Office  says the plan will increase taxes on business and manufacturing by over  a  billion dollars over 4 years, and will severely damage the state's burgeoning  film  and  electronic media industries.


A  state  judge  has imposed a 9pm curfew on LSU running back Jeremy Hill. Under the judge's order, Hill must stay off the streets between 9 at night and 6 in  the morning, and must stay away from bars. It's all conditions of Hill's  probation  for  a fight on April 27th at a Tigerland  bar.  Hill  was  already  on probation  for  his  January conviction for carnal knowledge of a juvenile.


Shreveport  Police  say  a  high  school student is under arrest for bringing a handgun on a school campus.  Police  say  the 17-year-old Fair   Park  High  School  student  was  taken  into  custody  after authorities found a .22 caliber handgun in his backpack.


Dozens  of  people from Louisiana are listed as missing, so does the amazing tale  of three women who were found in Cleveland Monday give more  families hope?  State  Police  Captain  Doug  Cain  says  it's important  they  work  with parents of missing children to keep hope alive, but also not give  them false hope. He says human trafficking cases seem to be on the rise. The  website  for The National  Center  for  Missing  and  Exploited Children lists  32  kids,  with  pictures, as currently missing from

Louisiana -- some for decades.


A House  bill  that  would  allow  off-duty cops and concealed carry permit holders to bring their guns into  eating  establishments  has been killed in a Senate Committee. The bill is sponsored by Haughton Representative  Henry Burns, who explains his original intent was to allow officers to  eat  at  restaurants  that  serve  liquor without

leaving their weapon in the car. Burns says he may bring the original intent of his bill  back  as an amendment to other legislation.


It's  already passed the Senate,  and  now  a  bill  to  ban  social networking while driving has cleared another legislative hurdle. The House Transportation  Committee  approved  Livingston  Senator  Dale Erdey's  bill,  which makes posting to Facebook Twitter or Instagram from behind the wheel  punishable with fines and possible jail time.

Next stop the House floor, where it's expected to win final passage.


A solar energy tax credit would be phased out by 2020 under a bill approved in the Louisiana House on Tuesday. The House voted 95-1 for the measure which sponsor state Rep. Erich Ponti said is backed by the industry. Under House Bill 705, the tax credit would drop 35 percent in 2016 and then go away entirely by 2020. The credit cost  Louisiana $24 million in 2012. The bill now moves to the state Senate.



God Bless America & Our Home Louisiana


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