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News For Wednesday 04/24/13

News for Wednesday 042413

By Dave Graichen


Louisiana gets hit with another cold front today, but State Climatologist Barry Keim says the chances for severe weather associated  with this front are low. Keim says we will see some rain today though, with the possibility of some areas seeing up to two inches of rainfall, especially in south Louisiana.


At  the State Capitol, the House Ways & Means Committee has rejected Monroe  Rep. Katrina Jackson's bill, that would have doubled the tax on cigarettes--bringing  it  up  the  level of Mississippi's tobacco tax. The bill failed the pass the committee  by  a  vote of 11-7. It seems  any  efforts to raise the cigarette tax may be dead  for  the session. Two  other  tobacco  tax  bills  have been deferred by their sponsors.


The  House  has approved  a  bill  that  would  protect  the  Second Amendment rights  of  Louisianans  from  possible future federal gun regulations against owning semi-automatic  weapons  or  having large capacity  magazines. Debate was long and heated, with many  Democrat House members  challenging  people's  need  to  own  such  guns, and questioning  the  bill's ability to withstand a legal challenge.  In the end the bill was  approved  by  a  67-25 vote and will go to the Senate for committee review.


The House also passed Bossier  City  Rep.  Jeff Thompson's bill that would ban any public release of private information  on  who  in the state  has  a  concealed  weapon carry permit. Debate lasted over an hour. Thompson  says  concealed carry information is already private,  and his bill would place a $10-thousand fine on anyone who intentionally makes it public, as  was recently done by the New York Times in the

wake of the Newtown, CT school shooting. Thompson's bill passed by a 76-18 vote and moves to the Senate.


Public  school  teachers  from across Louisiana are expected at  the capitol today as the legislature takes up education matters.  The House Education Committee will consider  three  bills which are already state law, but subject to a court challenge.   Part  of that removed seniority as the key factor in teacher layoff decisions.


Lafayette's Festival International bringing in music lovers from around   the world kicks off today. The annual 5-day festival is always held  during the last full week of April. Kelly Strenge with the Lafayette  Convention and Visitors Bureau says the free festival is a celebration of diversity in music.  She says historic downtown Lafayette is transformed into an  entertainment complex featuring six music stages, food court areas,  street musicians and more. Strenge says they are expecting between 300 to 350 thousand people to  attend the festival through the weekend.


Many of us over the years have tempted fate and slipped around the gates at a railroad crossing to beat the train. It’s not a good idea any time, especially when you are driving a school bus filled with kids. A Lafayette parish school bus driver learned that lesson the hard way. He received a ticket for doing just that. He may also lose his job.


State Police say they'll take part in another national  prescription drug  take-back day this Saturday. They say it's an effort  to  help local  residents   rid   their   homes   of   potentially  dangerous prescription drugs. Expired, unused, and unwanted medications may be brought for disposal from 10 until 2 Saturday,  to  any State Police Troop.


The  House  of  Representatives  has  passed  a bill that will allow future drivers of a three-wheeled car to be made in Shreveport to do so  without  a  helmet.  Elio  Motors  will revitalize the old General  Motors  manufacturing plant in Shreveport to produce the three wheeled car which seats two and gets high gas mileage. The bill now heads to the Senate.


With a boom in business comes an interesting employee perk. The Port of  Lake  Charles  plans  to build an "employee village".  They  are expected to add over 5,000  permanent  jobs over the next two years. The  $70 million dollar village will include  recreation  facilities and  more. Scheduled completion is set for November of next year.


The Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office says a woman was shot  and killed in New Iberia last night. They say she was discovered lying  on  the street  and she had been shot twice. The identity of the 41 year old woman is  being  withheld  until the next of kin can be notified. No arrests have been made.. the investigation is ongoing.


Gruesome  testimony  was  heard  in  a  senate  committee  yesterday. It involved a bill that adds "burning by fire" in a domestic abuse case as  a  crime that is punishable by five to fifty years in prison.  A woman from  Ouachita  Parish  told the story of her former boyfriend who used an iron to burn her.  Senate Bill 70 advances to the Senate floor.



God Bless America & Our Home Louisiana


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