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News For Tuesday 03/19/13

News for Tuesday 031913

By Dave Graichen


The Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office is investigating what they believe was a homicide, after finding a body inside a burnt structure yesterday afternoon. The fire at  120 Wayne Street that was reported shortly after noon. When Firefighters and deputies arrived witnesses told them that someone was still inside the house.  When the fire was extinguished, a body was found inside. The causes of the fire and death are unknown, and there has been no identification made yet on the victim.


Classrooms were evacuated for a short period of time yesterday morning after a bomb threat was called into Acadian Elementary school. The building was searched and classes resumed. Police report the arrest of a 12 year old boy, who they believe was responsible for calling in the threat.


The Rapides parish school board appears a little closer to selecting the districts next superintendent of schools. The board has been interviewing candidates for the past week or so and this Thursday they will, in a special meeting, whittle  the list down to three finalists.


The Louisiana Supreme Court hears oral arguments today over whether the  financing of the state's voucher program is constitutional.  In November, a Baton Rouge judge ruled in favor of  opponents to the statewide voucher program.  The state supreme court is not ruling on whether vouchers are illegal,

but whether Louisiana can divert dollars from the state's public  education fund to pay for a student's tuition at a private or parochial  school.


A letter signed by over 250 Louisiana clergy members  says  Governor Bobby Jindal's proposal to eliminate income taxes in favor of higher sales taxes is unfair to the poor. The letter was dropped off at the governor's office today. The Jindal administration says the tax swap plan will not lead to higher taxes for families.


Houston  Based  Texas  Brine has begun the process of trying to buy out evacuated residents of Assumption parish who live near that giant sink hole. Some of the residents, who have been living away from their homes since August of last year, have said enough is enough and they want the company to buy their property so they could  move elsewhere.


In the meantime, The Louisiana Department  of Natural Resources says members will be appointed by the end of this  week to a "blue ribbon commission"  to  determine  when  Bayou Corne residents  can  safely return  home. Odds are though not many of the 150 homes will be deemed to be habitable, especially since  Assumption parish officials say  another  acre  of  land  was swallowed up  at the sinkhole Sunday.


It  looks  like  LSU  has selected a new campus president.   The LSU presidential search committee  has recommended F.  King Alexander of Cal State Long Beach for the job.   Sources have confirmed LSU could finalize a deal and Dr.  Alexander could be moved in by June first.


Once  again  this  year, Louisiana tops  an  annual  survey  of  car insurance costs by state. Auto coverage in our state costs more than any other state in the  US.  Michigan  comes  in a close second. The lowest car insurance rates are found in Maine.  The  high  rates are due to high numbers of claims and high lawsuit rates.


The state Legislative Auditor's office uncovers some "problems" with two  local governments. Auditor Alan Brown says Jonesboro, in Jackson Parish,  had a number of non-compliance violations. Jonesboro Mayor Leslie  Thompson was arrested last month for malfeasance related to charges in  the audit. In addition, Brown says  a 27-page audit turned up possible violations at the Calcasieu Parish  Registrar of Voters office.   Brown says the Registrar, Angie Quienalty (quee-uh-nall-ty) kept  improper records of regular and overtime hours worked by her and her  staff, and of vehicles and fuel usage. He also alleges she improperly  had staff perform personal errands for her on company time.


A 21-year-old  Prairieville  man  is  dead after being run over by a train. Authorities say Ryan Freeman  was  struck  by  a  Kansas  City Southern  train.  The  train  conductor  says Freeman was lying down

between the rails of the tracks and never  looked  up or moved as he approached. Freeman was pronounced dead at the scene.


The  man suspected of stealing a Shreveport mother's car,  with  her 7-year-old  child  still  inside,  has  turned himself in to police. 18-year-old Zerquario Reddix  abandoned the car when he saw he had a

passenger. The car was recovered, the little  girl  unhurt. He is in the parish jail, charged with carjacking.



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