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News For Monday 03/18/13

News for Monday 031813

By Dave Graichen


A  vehicle in Gov. Bobby Jindal’s security detail struck a utility pole Sunday afternoon while returning the governor home from his son’s soccer game. The governor’s spokesman, Sean Lansing, said Jindal was not injured in the three-vehicle accident. One of the governor’s bodyguards went to a hospital with minor injuries. At the time of the accident, the governor was returning home in a two-vehicle caravan. State Police said the crash happened  when a truck made an illegal U-turn in front of the governor’s vehicles. The truck scraped the side of the vehicle carrying the governor and a state trooper. A second vehicle in the governor’s security detail took “evasive action” to avoid hitting the crashed vehicles and struck a utility pole.


Governor Bobby Jindal tied for 8th place with Sarah Palin in a poll of  2016 GOP presidential candidate choices at the annual Conservative  Political Action Conference. Jindal spoke at the CPAC - jokingly mentioning how unlikely it would be  for "a skinny guy with dark complexion and a funny name" to be elected  president. The CPAC straw poll put Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul in front,  followed closely by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.  Also ahead of Jindal in the poll, Rick Santorum, Paul Ryan and New

Jersey Governor Chris Christie.


Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne says he will not run for U-S Senate next year.  Dardenne said he would "ponder" whether to challenge democratic three- term incumbent Mary Landrieu. But after two weeks of thinking about it,  Dardenne told John Maginnis of LaPolitics Weekly he loves his job as Lt.  Governor and has no desire to run for Senate. Dardenne thought about running for U-S Senate after a statewide poll  showed he would fare well against Landrieu in a head-to-head match-up.


Uncertainty over Gov. Bobby Jindal’s proposed 2013-14 budget for public colleges and universities is sparking widespread alarm both at the Capitol and on Louisiana’s campuses. The distress is twofold. This year’s proposed $209 million budget cut would make six straight years that the governor and legislators have taken an ax to college and university state revenues. Secondly, much of the money earmarked for higher education is speculative and may not materialize at all. Jindal’s budget proposal also counts on schools making up some, but not all, of their shrinking budgets with tuition increases.


Officials with the Monroe Regional Airport  say  the FAA will make a decision  this  week  on whether or not to close the  control  tower there. Local officials are  lobbying  the  FAA to keep the tower open. There  are  five airports in Louisiana that  could  lose  their  air traffic control staff due to sequestration.


The National Federation of Independent Business has mixed feelings on  Governor Bobby Jindal's proposed tax reforms. The plan would end income  taxes, while raising state sales tax from 4% to 5.88%. NFIB Director  Rene Amar says some small businesses like the idea of a tax swap.  Jindal's plan also proposes to tax services at places like hair salons,  dog groomers, landscapers and others. Amar says sales tax collections may be too complicated for some small  business systems. She says there are a lot of unknowns about the  proposed tax reforms at this point and small business owners are waiting to see the full list of services Jindal is proposing to tax.


About 170 workers at Dean  Foods' Oak Farms Dairy in Shreveport will soon be out of a job. The positions  are  being  phased  out  as the company  scales  back production. The Shreveport area has had tough jobs news lately, with the closure of the GM plant  last  summer, and layoffs at Libby Glass, announced last month.


Reforms of the National Flood Insurance Program will likely mean higher  premium rates for residents in extreme south Louisiana. Insurance  Commissioner Jim Donelon says federal subsidies and rate discounts have  been chopped from the NFIP, as a result of flood insurance reforms  recently passed by Congress. He says it is regrettable,  but the NFIP is currently running an $18-billion deficit.


A Lockport  man  was  busted for video voyeurism, after admitting he took  photos  looking up  a  woman's  skirt  at  a  Galliano  Subway restaurant. 28-year-old  Jeremy  Perry took the digital images while standing behind the woman in line,  without her knowledge. After she left, he showed the photos to some others  at  the  Subway  and even e-mailed  a picture to another person.


A former Baton  Rouge  city  prosecutor  was  found dead in a Denham Springs hotel, and police are seeking the woman  seen with him there as  a  person of interest in the case Wilburt Jordan  Jr.  was  once Assistant  Secretary  of DEQ, and an assistant attorney general. The manner of his death has  not  been released. Police want to question the woman, once they determine who she is.


Lt Governor Jay Dardenne says he can't afford repairs to Louisiana's  state parks damaged after Hurricane Isaac. Dardenne says in recent years  the Jindal Administration has shifted money away from the park  maintenance fund and there's another proposal to do just that in the  budget up for debate this session. Dardenne says it's frustrating that he can't put the cabins back into  service at Fountainbleau park which generate money for the state. He  says Jindal wants to use $9 million from the maintenance fund for park  operations in the budget for the upcoming 2013-14 year.



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