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News For Thursday 01/10/13

News for Thursday 011012

By Dave Graichen


Southern Louisiana braces for more possible flash flooding, as showers  and thunderstorms drench the state again today. State Climatologist  Barry Keim says there's still the potential for another 3 to 4 inches of rain  on top of the soaking the state got Wednesday. Heavy rains Wednesday caused flooding of low-lying areas, and closure of  numerous roads due to high water. Keim says river basins are swollen to

capacity, and more rain is expected today and into tomorrow, with  another front coming over the weekend.


Louisiana is one  of  29 states reporting high levels of people with flu-like symptoms. Flu  bug  expert  Dr.  Frank Welch with the state office of public health says they've seen a  surge  in  flu activity since  the  Christmas  holidays. Welch  says  they  are  hearing every four of  ten  patients  in  an emergency room are suffering from flu-like symptoms.  He says many health care providers still have flu vaccines available and  Louisiana residents should do what they can to prevent flu cases.  Again, welch says  he can't say  it enough. Please wash your hands often and if you feel like you have the flu...stay home.


The  Crowley Police Department says a  34-year-old  woman  is  under arrest  for  sending  threatening text messages to herself. They say Trudy Miller tried convince  investigators  that  the  messages were

coming from her ex-boyfriend. But the cops found out that  phone was actually  in  her  possession.  She  is charged with a felony: false swearing for violation of health or safety.


A 35-year-old Lake Charles man has plead  guilty  to manslaughter in the  February  2009  murder  of  his  grandmother. Carl  Webb  was sentenced to 12 years in prison to run concurrent  with  the 65 year

sentence he received on unrelated weapons charges.


Gas prices  on  the  rise  again.  The statewide average price for a gallon of regular jumped 2 cents last  night to $3.21. That's up six cents from last week.


A  number  of New Orleans residents have rented their homes out  for the Super Bowl.  Only  trouble  is  there's a city ordinance against doing that. Homeowners who rent temporarily  have to carry insurance

for their short-term tenants, and  very few have  that coverage. It's unknown if the city will enforce the ordinance.


Significant provisions of President Barack Obama's federal health care  law go into effect in 2014, but Louisiana residents will notice some  changes this year. Louisiana Association of Health Plans Chief executive  officer, Jeff Drozda, says many residents will set their premiums  increase.  Under the new federal health care law, Louisiana individuals and  families will no longer have deductibles or co-payments for certain  preventive health care services. But Drozda says those costs will show  up elsewhere.  Drozda says as the year goes on, expect to hear more about the  insurance exchanges that will become available in 20-14. He says the  "exchanges" are where uninsured individuals can buy coverage next year.


Louisiana farmers are facing an uncertain future because Congress has  failed to pass a new farm bill. Over the Holidays Federal lawmakers  approved an extension to the current farm bill which will expire at

the end of September. But LSU Ag Center Economist Mark Salassi says  this makes it difficult for farmers to make planting decisions. He says the  current farm bill includes direct payments that benefit many of  Louisiana row crop farmers, but those could become a thing of the  past when a new farm bill is passed.


A Winnsboro police officer is facing a charge of malfeasance in office  for shooting a deer while on patrol. Louisiana Department of Wildlife  and Fisheries spokesperson Adam Einck says 34-year-old Chester Coleman  of Enterprise was booked into the Franklin Parish jail. Einck says Winnsboro police officer Joshua Martin and a local prison security guard, Hunter Guimbellot (Gum-bellow) of Winnsboro, were also  cited for helping to put the deer into a trunk of a patrol vehicle for  later cleaning.



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