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Good Morning.. News For Wednesday 08/07/19

News for Wednesday 080719

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First it was an active shooter situation inside a Baton Rouge Walmart, then a shooting that left one person injured near the customer service counter.  but ultimately it was just an argument between two store patrons that involved weapons drawn but no shots fired. East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid Gautreaux says It turns out the whole scenario started when one man threatened another with a pair of scissors during an argument that escalated while the two were waiting in line.


The trial for Kayla Giles, the woman accused of shooting and killing her estranged husband in the Alexandria Highway 28 West Walmart back in September of last year has been set to begin on May 4th of next year. The final pretrial conference is set for April 13. Any motions filed by the state or the defense will be heard on Feb. 10.

A status conference will be held on Oct. 14. Giles is charged with 1st degree murder.


The investigation continues in to the death of an unidentified 37 year old man early Saturday morning here in Alexandria. The APD say they responded to a report of shots fired on Huffman Street around 2:45 in the morning. At about the same time, another police officer followed a car that ran a downtown Alexandria red light to a hospital finding that a passenger had been shot. The man died a short time later.


Candidates lined up to qualify for the governor’s race at the Secretary of State’s office yesterday, the first day of qualifying. Governor Edwards two Republican opponents signed the papers first, but the Governor rolled in later to stake his claim to four more years. Edwards says he’s excited about the opportunity to preserve the momentum Louisiana has gained since he has taken office.


Congressman Ralph Abraham is the top polling Republican in the Governor’s race and says there’s a reason why two qualified GOP candidates are in the race, and it’s the Governor’s recent tax increases. But there was one area where Abraham is in agreement with the governor, and that’s the Medicaid Expansion. He says if elected he would maintain Governor Edwards’ Medicaid expansion, but adds his proposed tax cuts would lessen the need for the program as more businesses return to the state.


Tim Temple also officially filed qualifying paperwork Tuesday to challenge incumbent Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon.  Temple is running following twenty-plus years working in different capacities in the insurance business.  Temple says the Louisiana families are paying entirely too much toward insurances. Current commissioner Jim Donelon said he’s excited to be on the campaign trail and joked that his wife is surprised anyone would want his job.


According to court documents unsealed Tuesday, a federal grand jury indicted nearly two dozen people accused of smuggling large amounts of drugs into the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, including five former guards and several inmates. Twenty-two people were indicted on conspiracy and drug trafficking charges following a federal and state investigation aimed at curbing marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamines that were being brought into the state's largest prison through postal mail and prison staff. Authorities described the operation as "large-scale.


Patients at select pharmacies statewide have begun purchasing medical marijuana for the first time in the state’s history. The product is only available to those who have a prescription from board authorized doctors and runs about 90 to 200 dollars a vial for the treatment that comes in a liquid oil form that is placed under the tongue. Other versions of the treatment are set to become available in the next few months, including an inhalable version.

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