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Good Morning.... News For Thursday 06/27/2019

News for Thursday 062719

Compiled by Dave Graichen

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Pineville PD have released the name of a man who was killed Tuesday afternoon while attempting to cross the Pineville Expressway near Louisiana College. Police say 65 Year old Gary Lewis lost his life in the accident shortly after 4 in the afternoon. The investigation is ongoing.


Louisiana State Police say one man is dead and another seriously injured after their horses were hit from behind by a pickup truck. Trooper Taylor Scrantz says the riders were heading west in the west lane of Louisiana Highway 620 near Erwinville when the westbound pickup hit the horses about 9 p.m. Saturday. 33 year old Temell Dunn died Sunday and 34 year old Jonathan Stewart was seriously injured. Scrantz says the driver did not show any signs of impairment, and was wearing his seat belt. Both horses were killed in the accident.


A report finds Louisiana uses solitary confinement for prisoners four times more than the national average. Loyola Jesuit Research Fellow Dr. Sue Weishar says the practice undermines the goal of rehabilitation because the intense mental and physical stress created by extended stays creates long term damage. 30 percent of prisoners who  responded to the survey reported being in solitary confinement  over the last five years.


The Louisiana Health Department announces they’ve reached a “subscription model” deal with Asegua Therapeutics that will result in the state treating an estimated 31-thousand people who have hepatitis C, which is an infectious liver disease. Health Secretary Rebekah Gee says there are at least 39-thousand people in Louisiana’s Medicaid program and prison system who suffer from Hepatitis C, which kills more people than all other infectious diseases combined.


Senator Bill Cassidy says legislation he helped put together called the Lower Health Care Costs Act received approval from a U-S Senate committee Wednesday. Cassidy says the proposal contains provisions that would protect patients against surprise medical bills, lower prescription drug costs and improve price transparency.


Governor Edwards has been making the rounds in the world of sports recently, hosting LSU freshmen football players at the mansion and filming a PSA with Drew Brees.

Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says in an election year, such public embrace of beloved sports heroes could be fodder for his Republican gubernatorial opponents. But it might not be cold politically calculus driving these decisions. Brees has a history of supporting veterans, and Pinsonat says Edwards and LSU coach Orgeron have a public friendship and openly support each other.


U.S. House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, leadoff hitter for the Republicans in Wednesday night's Congressional Baseball Game, officially scored his first run since returning to the baseball field after narrowly surviving a mass shooting two years ago.


It was his first time back up at bat in Nationals Park. With an error on a 3-2 count, Scalise was able to advance to first base after a couple of swings. U.S. Rep. William Timmons of South Carolina, took his place running the bases and was the first player of the game to cross home plate.


The Pointe Coupee Animal Shelter was stripped of most of its supplies and animal medications over the weekend during a break in, but the wider Baton Rouge area community has come out in force — raising more than $16,000 in two days to help recoup the loss.


Beaches are shuttered along the Mississippi Gulf Coast as toxic algae blooms have popped up, likely as a result of the Bonnet Carrie Spillway’s opening. Beaches closed are in two of the state’s three coastal counties as a result of it. The blue-green water can cause rashes, diarrhea and vomiting in people who get to close to them.


Craft beer brewers across the state are seeing a slump in business. While six breweries may have opened over the last year, five others have shut their doors. Executive director of Louisiana’s Craft Brewer’s Guild Cary Koch part of the reason for the plateau in the industry is antiquated state laws on the books. In Louisiana, the three-tier system of having a brewer, distributor, and a retailer is cutting into the ability to stay afloat. Koch says of the outdated business models that brewers have to deal with is the lack of the ability to self-distribute product.


Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries are receiving calls that black bear spottings are on the rise in portions of Louisiana. Large carnivore program manager for LDWF Maria Davidson says several reasons contribute to the encounters, including mother bears forcing her young to scatter to start fending for themselves as she preps for another mating season. And a warning, there may also be run ins with adult male bears looking for potential mates.




Newly minted Pelican Zion Williamson arrived in town to a housewarming gift of a framed, signed jersey from Saints QB Drew Brees, a note welcoming him to the city.  Zion is probably the most nationally hyped athlete to ever play in New Orleans, and Brees welcomed the Phenom by inviting him to become the new favored son of New Orleans sports…


The NCAA has announced its changing some of its guidelines for student-athlete transfer waivers, which will make it more difficult to gain immediate eligibility at their new schools.


Bass fishing has been accepted by the Louisiana High School Athletics Association as a trial sport, with 173 schools in Louisiana telling the organization that they’d like to see fishing made official.

God Bless America & Our Home Louisiana


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