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Good Morning... News For Friday 06/21/2019

News for Friday 062119

Compiled by Dave Graichen

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The storm that hit Tioga and Ball early Thursday morning was one of the worst kinds, the kind that hits in the middle of the night.. The national weather service has confirmed a tornado did strike the two towns and they believe it was an F1 storm. Many people are wondering why no warning was issued. The only local warning issued by the NWS was a tornado watch, not a warning. Heavy damage was confined to small patches where it appears the tornado touched down for no more than a few moments. High wind damage was also reported in Deville. The blessing is no one was severely injured.


At one point after the storm, CLECO reported 19,000 residents were without power. By six last night that number was down to 3,600.


Today marks the first day of summer and State Climatologist Barry Keim says this summer is going to sizzle.  Keim says the hot temps are already in the Bayou state as the month of June has exceeded the historical average. Keim says the long range forecast from the climate prediction center is forecasting normal rainfall patterns for the summer and says the temps are expected to run above normal for the entire summer.


More shootings have been linked to murder suspect 22-year old Sean Barrette in Jefferson Parish now. Barrette was arrested yesterday and charged with the murders of three people in West Metairie Avenue and one in New Orleans. Now Jefferson Parish Sherriff’s authorities have connected him to a June 17th shooting of a female driver on I-10. The victim was not killed but her vehicle was struck multiple times with bullets. And Kenner Police says another driver was followed closely on 1-10 and the vehicle pulled beside them and fired several shots, that driver also was not injured.


Mental health has been the focus of conversation following that spree that left four people dead. The suspect Sean Barrette had been committed twice in recent months prior to the murders.. New Orleans licensed professional counselor Mark Saucier says mental health issues are something that Louisiana as a whole needs to face.


Governor Edward has signed the Seafood Labeling Bill so restaurants that aren’t serving seafood from the U-S must let you know. Bill sponsor Representative Truck Gisclair acknowledges that many Americans do not realize that 90-percent of the seafood they consume at restaurants is imported. He wants tourist in Louisiana to know if they’re getting the real deal.


On his monthly talk show  yesterday Governor Edwards responded to criticism of his signature of a fetal heartbeat abortion ban from pro-choice voters. Opponents say the governor’s signature shows a disregard for women’s healthcare and wellbeing but Edwards countered saying his administration has made substantial improvements in women’s healthcare outcomes the last four years. When asked what the state is doing to help poor families afford to raise kids they haven’t planned for, Edwards responded by mentioning this year’s budget focused on educating working class families’ children.

Edwards tried to alleviate concerns of pro-choice Democrats before the fall governor’s race that Louisiana’s economic progress under his watch will allow the state to invest in programs championed by progressive voters.


Allegiance Health Management facilities across Louisiana are fighting against the opioid crisis to the courtroom.  The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, seeks damages for hospitals and emergency rooms impacted by the opioid epidemic.  New Orleans attorney Mark Stein says the economic impact goes beyond the patients. Stein says beyond seeking to recover monetary losses they have incurred treating adults and opioid-dependent born children, the lawsuit aims to stop the overuse of opioids.


A Congressional subcommittee tackled the question of whether or not African Americans should receive reparations for the United States’ history of slavery and racial injustice. Congressman Mike Johnson spoke out against the idea at the hearing. Congressman Johnson believe taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for actions taken while they were not alive.


John Paul Funes (Foo-Nes) entered a guilty plea in Federal Court Thursday to charges of wire fraud and money laundering after a scheme that siphoned off more than a half a million from the Our Lady of the Lake foundation in Baton Rouge. It was revealed that Funes admitted he chartered a flight from Houma to Tampa for a Saints game and gave approximately a hundred thousand dollars to the family of former LSU football player Rohan Davey. Sentencing is deferred until the pre-sentence investigation is complete.


An anonymous individual donates a $2.52 million gift to the Nicholls State athletics department to contribute to a $6.5 million building project. The project will fund the expansion of Barker Hall to include a football operations center. Athletics Director Mike Roan says the size of the gift is one of the record books.





Drew Brees has been nominated for two ESPY’S. The Saints quarterback is nominated for best NFL player and best record-breaking performance. Brees already has 4 ESPY’S. The other nominees for the best player include Patrick Mahomes of the chiefs, Aaron Donald of the rams, and Todd Gurley also of the rams.


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