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News For Monday 11/05/12

News For Monday 110512

By Dave Graichen


Funeral services are today for Jimmy Williams, who passed away Friday. Williams was the former executive director of Kisatchie Delta Regional Planning Authority and former economic development director of England Economic and Industrial Development District. Most recently, he was sports and marketing manager for the Alexandria/Pineville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. In life and in death, Jimmy was the kind of guy who was loved by all he came in contact with. Jimmy Williams, dead at 52.


Authorities in Lafourche Parish said a woman and her two daughters were stabbed to death in their apartment, which was then set on fire. So far, investigators have not arrested anyone in the deaths of 29-year-old Jacqueline Nieves, 20-month-old Isabella Nieves or 6-year-old Gabriella Nieves. Deputies say the woman’s husband is being questioned as a person of interest. Investigators don’t know if more than one attacker was involved.


Long lines for gasoline in New Jersey and New York are not having a  negative effect on gas prices in Louisiana. American Automobile  Association Fuel Analyst, Don Redman, says a gallon of gasoline is about  25-cents cheaper than a month ago. Redman says the statewide average for a gallon of regular gasoline is  $3.35 and he expects that price will dip below $3.25 in the near future.  He says it's possible the price of gas will be at or below three-dollars  a gallon by the end of the month. When hurricanes impact the Gulf Coast, the price of gas usually rises.  But Redman says Superstorm Sandy came at a time when there's a weak  demand for gasoline across the country. He says that will allow gas prices to keep falling in Louisiana.


LSU Police arrested at least six people Saturday for scalping tickets on campus before the LSU-Alabama football game, including one man who was banned from LSU’s campus two years ago after he tried to scalp tickets when Alabama played the Tigers in 2010. None of the six people arrested are from Louisiana or Alabama. Three are from Houston, two are from Georgia and one is from Mississippi. All could be fined up to $500 and imprisoned up to 90 days.


Louisiana doctors are concerned the deep cuts to LSU public hospitals  will force future doctors to train in other states. Governor Jindal  cut 300-million dollars from the LSU health care system as a result of a loss in federal Medicaid funding. State Medical Society President Andy  Blalock says this will impact training programs for future physicians. As a result of the cuts, Governor Jindal is trying to increase graduate Medical training at private hospitals, but the state doesn't have many  contracts in place with private health facilities. But Blalock says a transition like that can't happen overnight. Blalock says if the state can't work out agreements with private  hospitals to train medical grads, then LSU will have to cut back and  train fewer doctors.


One item voters across most of Louisiana will find on their ballots  Tuesday is a local option vote on imposing term limits on school board  members. Council for A Better Louisiana president Barry Erwin says this  is the result of a law passed last Spring by the Legislature. He says  CABL feels it's a good idea. Erwin says numerous public bodies already have term limits. The governor  may serve only two.  State lawmakers are limited to three terms, as are  statewide elected officials. Erwin says without limitations, some public  officials can become entrenched, and sometimes even grow stagnate in

their jobs.


Two dozen Louisiana state troopers are on their way to New Jersey to help with the Hurricane Sandy response. State Police Col. Mike Edmonson said Sunday the New Jersey State Police requested help through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, or EMAC, which calls for other states to provide resources during a disaster. For Louisiana, sending troopers to the Sandy-area repays assistance that New Jersey provided after hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005.


According to a report by Edmunds.com car buyers in Louisiana are  buying electric and hybrid vehicles less than most other states.  Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association President Bob Isreal says  The report indicates that .5 percent of all new hybrid vehicles sold in  the US this year were registered in Louisiana, ranking the state 37th in  the nation. The percentage is even lower for electric cars. But Israel says people who own a Hybrid vehicle are very happy with them.


Beginning in January, Louisiana residents may be unable to use their state-issued driver’s licenses or identification cards to take domestic flights or enter federal courthouses and other federally secured buildings. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has set Jan. 15 as the deadline for states to comply with the Real ID Act, a federal law passed in 2005 that has been modified over the years as many states refused or were unable to comply with the original law. The act sets in place security standards for identification cards issued by states and stipulates protocols state agencies must adhere to when residents apply for identification. The state is hoping news rules taking effect next summer will be deemed acceptable.


The Saints hope to play better on national television tonight when they  host the Philadelphia Eagles. New Orleans was blown out on N-B-C last  Sunday as Denver downed the Saints 34-14. Tonight's opponent, the  Eagles, have a 3-and-4 record. But Saints interim coach Joe Vitt says  Philadelphia is playing well on defense. Both teams come into this game desperate for a win. Vitt says he knows Philadelphia will be ready and so will the Saints.


LSU's dreams of returning to the SEC title game were shattered Saturday  as Alabama put together a last minute drive to win 21-17.  The loss ends LSU chances of winning the SEC West. The Tigers can still win ten games this season and play in a New Year's Day Bowl.




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