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The Louisiana tradition of frying a turkey for Thanksgiving can be disastrous if not done correctly.  Thanksgiving often results in a flood of calls to first responders.  State Fire Marshal Butch Browning says to make sure your frying pot is on grass or concrete, not on a wooden surface.  Also, that it is far enough away from anything combustible. Browning says the main reason for a turkey fry turning into a fiery situation is due to the grease overflowing from the frying pot. Also, be sure the bird is dry when you lower him into the water.. bon appetite!


Governor Edwards say minimum wage increase successes in other southern states have galvanized his administration and their allies to push for a pay raise for working class Louisianans again in the next legislative session. Edwards has stuck to his guns on the issue since his 2015 election, where he made raising the minimum a key plank in his platform. While Arkansas jumped to 11 an hour, and Missouri voted in 12 over time, Edwards says he plans to pursue what he calls his modest campaign pledge, more like $8.50 an hour. Lobby groups say they will oppose the increase.


A Mandeville couple has something additional to be thankful for as they were cleaning house preparing for family coming into town and found a winning lottery ticket, just two weeks shy of expiration.  The ticket was valued at 1.8 million dollars, as it was the sole jackpot-winning ticket from a June drawing.  Louisiana Lottery spokesperson BreAnne Frye says the ticket was found on a nightstand. We should all be so lucky.


The numbers don’t lie.. Louisiana spent almost 35-thousand dollars on attorney fees to settle the sexual harassment suit against former Secretary of State Tom Schedler. That’s in addition to the 149-thousand dollars that went to the alleged victim in the out of court settlement. That brings the total taxpayers pain to $184,000. Schedler also personally paid 18-thousand dollars to the ex-employee.


Chris John is out as president of the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association after leading the organization for the past 11 years. John has been on the front lines lobbying at the State Capitol for legislation that benefits the state’s energy industry. John said in a statement it was time for him to move on to his next adventure.


A judge has ruled the Vermilion Parish School Board broke the state’s open meeting law when they threw out a teacher who spoke against a 30-thousand dollar raise for Superintendent Jerome Puyua (PEE-oh) during a January board meeting. The incident  drew national media attention. The judge also threw out Superintendent Puyau’s 30-thousand raise.


A 105-year prison sentence has been handed down against 56-year-old Douglas Holley, who was convicted of a crime in which he detonated a homemade bomb in an effort to kill a Bossier Parish veterinarian and his wife. Holley worked as a horse farm handyman and prospectors say he was upset they couldn’t save his horse from dying. The bomb did not hurt Bobby Hewlett or his wife. 


Two are under arrest in connection to the October 14th shooting death of a Lafayette area boxer, 28-year-old Brandon Broussard. Both suspects are facing Second Degree Murder charges.




On Thanksgiving night, the Saints will go after their 10th straight win when they host the Atlanta Falcons. Running back Mark Ingram says the team is on an amazing run… Kick-off Thursday is at 7:20.    Airtime 5p on 96.9 KZMZ     

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