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News For Wednesday 110916

News for Wednesday 110916

By Dave Graichen


Donald Trump, in a surprise upset, was elected the 45th president of the United States over Hillary Clinton. He took the stage early Wednesday morning before a raucous crowd of supporters in midtown Manhattan saying he had just  received a call from Secretary Clinton. Rump said She congratulated him on his victory. And that he that he congratulated her on a hard-fought campaign. He praised Clinton for the hard work she’s done for the country, and told the crowd that “we owe her a major debt of gratitude” for her service to our country.


It was a remarkably conciliatory speech from a candidate who employed had employed more fiery rhetoric his campaign and endured few slights silently.  Trump said “The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer,”. Trump pledged to fix our inner cities, rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, and “finally take care of our great veterans.”  America “will no longer settle for anything less than the best,” he pledged. The U.S. will double its growth and have the “strongest economy anywhere in the world,” Trump said. And he promised to seek common ground and “not hostility.”


Here at home, in the contest to fill the seat being vacated by US Senator David Vitter, it will come down to a run off between State Treasurer John Kennedy, who had 25% of the vote and Democratic Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell, who had 17%.  Coming in third in the Senate race Congressman Charles Boustany with 15% of the vote while the other Democrat in the race Caroline Fayard came in 4th with 12%


When it came to the constitutional amendments on the state ballot, it was an even split, with half of the six winning passage and half not. Amendment #1 that Dealt with the appoint of qualified Registrar of voters passed. As did Amendment #4 that dealt with Homestead exemptions for Surviving Spouses. Amendment #5 also passed, that was the one that would call for the creation of a revenue stabilization fund.  One surprise on the list of amendments, was the failure of #2. That would have allowed colleges and universities in the state to control their own tuition as they do in most other states.  That was expected to win passage,.


In the 5th congressional district, Congressman Ralph Abraham easily sailed to victory with 82% of the vote. Garret Graves easily won the 6th with 63%. It will be a runoff in the 4th between Democrat Marshall Jones and Republican Mike Johnson. In the 3rd a runoff between Scott Angelle and Clay Higgins. In the second, an easy victory for Cedric Richmond. He pulled down 70% of the vote. And finally in the 1st, a cake walk for Republican Steve Scalise with 75% of the votes.


In the councilman at Large race in Alexandria it was a close one with Joe Fuller winning by 4 percentage points over Lee Rubin.  The Council District 3 seat was decided by the exact same margin of 4 Percentage point with Jules Green over Cynthia Perry.


In the 3rd Circuit court of appeals race, Chris Peters beat Van Kyzar by 4 percentage points


In The PSC District 4 race, It will be a runoff between Mike Francis, who brought down 38% of the vote and Mary Werner who had 34%.


Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says Republican Treasurer John Kennedy is the favorite to win on December 10th, when he will face Democratic Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell in the U.S. Senate runoff. Pinsonat says it’s clear the GOP is strong in the Bayou State, which will make it difficult for a Democrat to pull enough votes.


Pinsonat says it’s unusual for Louisianans not to elect Congressmen into the US Senate, but neither of the Republican Congressmen, Charles Boustany and John Fleming, had enough support to advance to the runoff as they finished 3rd and 5th respectively. He believes it has to do with voters’ attitudes about Washington politics.


Pinsonat says Kennedy, who is serving his fifth term as State Treasurer, had more statewide name recognition than any of the other 23 candidates on the ballot. He says both Boustany and Fleming pulled most of their votes from within their districts.


Democrat Foster Campbell narrowly beat Republican Charles Boustany for the second spot in the U.S. Senate runoff. Campbell beat out Boustany by 2-percent, coming in at 17-percent. The Public Service Commissioner says if elected, he will represent the middle class and Kennedy won’t. Campbell has been endorsed by Governor John Bel Edwards. Campbell says a vote for Kennedy is a vote for current Republican U.S. Senator David Vitter. He says if elected, he will raise the minimum wage.


The third and fourth Congressional District races are headed to a runoff. In the third, two Republicans will square off, Scott Angelle and Clay Higgins and in the 4th district, it will be Democrat Marshall Jones versus Republican Mike Johnson. ULM Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley says no surprises


In the 4th Congressional District, Jones edged Johnson 27-to-25-percent. But Stockley says Johnson, who is a GOP state representative, goes into the runoff as the favorite to win.


In the 3rd Congressional District, Angelle narrowly beat Higgins 28-27 percent. Angelle is on the Public Service Commission, while Higgins has gained famed as a law enforcement officer. Stockley says many voters like Higgins’ message.


Governor John Bel Edwards is traveling to Washington, D.C. today to seek a more comprehensive package for flood recovery in Louisiana. The governor’s spokesperson, Richard Carbo, says this is the first of several trips Edwards will make between now and the end of the year as he tries to get more aid approved. The state has already received 438-million dollars in federal grant money approved by Congress. That was money was approved in September.

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