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News For Wednesday 101216

News for Wednesday101216

By Dave Graichen


LSU announces that its live mascot, Mike VI, was euthanized yesterday at the age of 11 following a four-month battle with cancer. LSU says there will not be a formal memorial service for Mike VI, but fans are encouraged to share their memories, stories and photos on social media using #MikeVI. PETA has reiterated its call for LSU to end the use of live mascots.

Following the death of Mike VI.


A new poll finds that 15-percent of Americans say their health insurance has gotten better in the last year, but twice as many say it got worse. Doctor Jay Kaplan of New Orleans is the president of the American College of Emergency Physicians and he says deductibles are rising and this is leading to a higher cost for patients. Kaplan says deductibles have risen over 40-percent in the last several years.


Senate candidate Troy Hebert’s legal attempt to force LPB and the Council for a Better Louisiana to include more candidates in next week’s Senate debate gets a hearing today in a Baton Rouge courtroom. Political consultant and Former-Secretary of State, Jim Brown, says Hebert is right on the money for filing the suit after only 5 of the 24 candidates were scheduled to be in the debate. For a candidate to participate, he or she must have polled at least 5-percent and raised over $1 million in campaign funds.


The Grant parish Sheriff’s department reports the arrest of a man who neighbors had reported seeing walking around in his yard wearing nothing but a bath towel and wielding a large knife. 26 year old David Maxwell told a deputy that there were people in the tops of the trees in his  yard and ghosts in his house. The deputy didn’t see any trace of the ghosts in the home but, he did find drugs. Maxwell was arrested and charged with a laundry list of drug related charges.


The US Justice Department has released a statement to update the status of the criminal investigation into Alton Sterling’s death by Baton Rouge Police Officers. US Attorney Walt Green says it’s ongoing and there is no timetable on when the investigation will be finished. He says a team of career federal prosecutors, FBI agents and support personnel have devoted hundreds of hours to the investigation.


The new Republican Party deputy chairman of Louisiana, Tim Breaux, says he will stand by Presidential candidate Donald Trump amid an 11-year-old recording recently released with the businessman making lewd comments about women. Breaux, from Lafayette, says he’s been around Trump on many occasions and says his wife also works closely with Trump’s businesses and has never felt uncomfortable or heard him make inappropriate comments. He believes the republican candidate still has a good chance to win.


David Duke, who is running for the U.S. Senate, lost his campaign coordinator Monday over a disagreement about how the former Ku Klux Klan leader should present himself to the public. Mike Lawrence was hoping to engineer a political comeback for Duke, whose career height was in the early 1990s with credible runner-up showings in races for the U.S. Senate and Louisiana governor.


Blue Bell Creameries is recalling all of its ice cream products that contain cookie dough from an Iowa-based supplier. The move announced Monday night comes after Aspen Hills recalled cookie dough supplied to ice cream makers after finding potential listeria bacteria contamination. The Blue Bell recall involves half-gallons and pints of Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Blue Bell Cookie Two Step sold to retailers.

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