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News For Wednesday 5/04/16

News for Wednesday 050416

By Dave Graichen


Gas prices have topped the $2 mark in Louisiana. AAA says the statewide average price for a gallon of regular is now $2.01.


Louisiana is the 4th worst state for working moms, according to a study by the personal finance website, WalletHub. WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez says they looked at the cost of daycare, professional opportunities, and work and life balance. She says daycare and professional opportunities led to Louisiana’s poor ranking. Gonzalez says Louisiana also ranked 43rd for the gender pay gap.


State health officials are offering guidance on how people can prevent the transmission of Zika virus. Dr. Frank Welch, with the department of health and hospitals, says the mosquito that carries Zika will be active in Louisiana this summer, but it won’t just be mosquitoes spreading the virus. It will be people. Welch says the virus can also be transmitted through sexual contact. He says if someone has a partner who has traveled to South America or the Caribbean, they need to take extra precautions, especially if the woman is pregnant.


A House committee approves legislation that would give domestic violence victims a chance to get an expedited or temporary permit to carry a gun. Wade Duty with the Louisiana Shooting Association says it’s very hard to get into a class and a woman could be killed waiting to take a training course. The measure now heads to the full House.


Legislation that would expand the number of conditions that medical marijuana could treat was approved by a House committee. Katie Corkern of Amite says her 9-year-old son has uncontrollable seizures and doesn’t understand why lawmakers would oppose a bill that could help her child. Opposition came from the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association and district attorneys. Pete Adams with the state’s D-A’s association says this bill is a gateway to total legalization of pot. Despite the opposition, the bill got out of the House committee on an 8-6 vote.


A Senate approved measure that would ban the collecting and selling of fetal tissue from abortions was approved by the House Health and Welfare committee with no objection today. The bill comes in response to the videos that surfaced apparently showing Planned Parenthood leaders selling aborted fetuses. The organization denies the allegation. The proposal will next be heard in the full House.


The House has approved a measure that would require students to take a wellness exam before they enter kindergarten or the sixth grade. The vote was 59-37 in favor. Houma Representative Beryl Amedee opposed the legislation. She says the health exam is unnecessary and could be costly, especially if the child has government health care. But supporters say the measure could improve children’s health.


Another bill heading to the House would public schools to teach personal financial management. Minden Representative Gene Reynolds is the author of the legislation. He says many schools already give lessons on financial literacy, he wants to make sure it’s’ required.

Reynolds says students in every grade can learn something about money. He says even learning to count pennies in kindergarten would count as finance literacy.


The LaFourche Parish Sheriff’s office says an intoxicated man stole a school bus Tuesday morning. Deputies say the female bus driver woke up at her Chackbay residence to find her bus gone. As authorities were responding to the scene, they saw the bus traveling on a highway and they initiated a traffic stop. Deputies say they learned that driver, who wreaked of alcohol, had hotwired the bus.


Despite being an outspoken critic of Republican Presidential front-runner Donald Trump, Former Governor Bobby Jindal says he would vote for Tump if he was the Republican nominee. Jindal made the comments during an interview on CNN, where he also said Trump would have the hardest time beating Democrat Hillary Clinton of all the Republican candidates.


220 retired research chimps at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s New Iberia research center will move to a new sanctuary in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Project Chimps is a non-profit organization and has negotiated with the university to move the chimps over the next several years.

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