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News For Thursday 08/06/15

News for Thursday 080615

By Dave Graichen


Police in Shreveport, Louisiana say an officer has died after being shot while on duty. Corporal Marcus Hines says the officer responded to a call of a suspicious person - armed and threatening people inside a home - when shots rang out last night, striking the officer several times. Corporal Marcus Hines says an intense manhunt is underway for the gunman . more than 70 police units and a helicopter are involved in the search.


Louisiana’s Annual Sales Tax Holiday happens this Friday and Saturday. During the holiday, the 4% state sales tax on the first 25 hundred dollars of each item a customer buys will be waived. Local sales taxes may still apply. There are exceptions. Go to revenue-dot-louisiana-dot-gov-slash-taxholiday for more information.


The Army announced yesterday about 1,000 troops from Fort Polk will be deployed to Afghanistan in late summer or early fall. Soldiers from Fort Polk 3rd Brigade Combat Team are part of about 2,500 troops from the 10th Mountain Division that will deploy in the next few months as part of Iraq and Afghanistan troop rotations.


The Jindal administration will leave to a new governor a decision on the privatization of Medicaid long-term care services for the elderly and developmentally disabled. The administration already has contracted with private managers to handle the medical and behavioral health components of the state’s $8 billion Medicaid program. The long-term care portion would have been the third and final installment of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s privatization of the government insurance program for the poor.


Believe it or not, the state of Louisiana is low on the mix of letters and numbers that go on license plates.  Stephen Campbell the commissioner of the state Office of Motor Vehicles said Wednesday “At some point you are going to run out of numerical combinations. That point appears to be less than a year away. So state officials have a plan in place to redo the formula. “Our sequence now is letter, letter, letter and number, number, number. Within the next 12 months, state officials  anticipate rotating the sequence and changing it to number, number, number and letter, letter, letter. It’s believed that will buy the state 20 years.


Assumption Parish sheriff’s deputies are investigating an apparent murder-suicide that left a husband and wife and their dog dead Wednesday morning. Deputies found the bodies of 41 year old Leigh Richardson Bourgeois and 42 year old Jamie John Bourgeois in their home, along with the family dog, after a Thibodaux business where Leigh Bourgeois worked called the Sheriff’s Office at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday. The caller said she had not shown up for work and wasn’t answering her phone. Authorities made the gruesome discovery a short time later.


Governor Bobby Jindal is in Cleveland today getting ready to participate in a debate involving the second tier Republican Presidential candidates. Jindal did not poll well enough to get invited to the prime time debate featuring the major candidates on Fox News. But a super PAC supporting Jindal has paid for a commercial to run in Iowa during the prime time debate.


The Louisiana AARP is holding a governor’s forum today in Baton Rouge but US Senator David Vitter is the one major candidate out of the four that will not attend. The State Troopers Association is hosting a forum on Saturday and all four candidates are expected to attend.


The Louisiana Department of Education announces that high school students in the state earned more than 13-hundred more qualifying scores on Advanced Placement exams in 2015 than 2014. Superintendent John White says this is a 20 percent increase in A-P test scores, which are the nation’s most challenging academic assessment given to students across the country. A-P exam scores are transferable to most colleges in the country.


Attention-getting videos are the latest tool for Republican Presidential hopefuls to gain name recognition in the battle for top contention in the party. Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul have shot some rather offbeat videos, and now it’s Governor Bobby Jindal’s turn; performing an athletic push-up competition against “the issues,” like Obamacare and taxes. By the way, Jindal was able to do 67 push-ups.


Baton Rouge State Representative Alfred Williams has died. Williams passed away Tuesday night following complications related to a recent knee surgery. Representative Pat Smith of Baton Rouge says Williams will be missed by the House and the people he represented. Williams was 64.


U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, along with Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, introduced legislation that addresses the issues in the nation’s care and treatment of mental illness. Studies indicate that one in five American adults have a serious form of it, and Cassidy says everyone is impacted in some way. Cassidy had been working on the bill for four years; and introduced it less than two weeks after the Lafayette Theatre shooting.


A Paulina man has been arrested after taking a drive through two fences and ended up on an active runway at Armstrong International Airport in Kenner. Jefferson Parish Deputies they found the abandoned blue Challenger on the runway yesterday afternoon. They did eventually find twenty-three years old Kaleb Clement, and booked him with hit and run driving and DWI.


The LSU Tigers begin fall practice today and head coach Les Miles says quarterback is the one position most unsettled. Anthony Jennings and Brandon Harris will spend the next month competing to be the starting QB when the Tigers kick-off the season on September fifth against McNeese State. Miles says there’s enough talent around the quarterback position for that person to succeed.

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