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News For Wednesday 06/17/15

News for Wednesday 061715

By Dave Graichen


The LSU baseball team avoided elimination in the College World Series by beating Cal State Fullerton 5-3. The Tigers fell behind 3-0, but LSU finally got the bats going in the third inning as they scored four runs. The Tigers will play again Thursday night against TCU.


Yesterday afternoon The Pineville Police Department received a report of a jumper from the Gillis Long Bridge. When police arrived at the scene they found 32 year old Jimmy Harris Of  Pineville being helped out of the water by people on the Riverfront Drive area under the bridge.

Witnesses on the scene stated that Harris jumped off of the walkway between the river’s edge and the first pillar of the bridge. Harris was transported to a local hospital for evaluation.


The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning for seven counties in southeastern Texas as the remnants of Tropical Storm Bill makes its way inland. National Hurricane Center Senior Hurricane Specialist Jack Beven says that Tropical Depression Bill will be a serious rain maker over a widespread area. Rain fall amounts could be upwards of 12 inches across Texas and Oklahoma. That would bring rivers like the red above flood stage very quickly. With that water eventually making it’s way into Louisiana.


Speaking of the red river.. water levels remain high.. as of last night at 7, the red was holding at 36 ft. that’s 4 feet above flood stage. The river is expected to drop to about 35.8 feet by Thursday morning.


A Grant Parish sheriff’s deputy arrested a Pineville man after a traffic stop on highway 1204. 39 year old Christopher Vidrine was stopped for improper backing, but the deputy also found meth, marijuana, digital scales, a smoking pipe and a metal spoon used to liquefy drugs. Vidrine was arrested and was charged.


For the first time ever, LSU Student government has released a Higher Education Report Card, which graded lawmakers on their record for higher education in the just completed session. There were a lot more A’s, B’s, and C’s than there were D’s and F’s, and Student Body President Andrew Mahtook says they were generally pleased. He says moving forward, they hope to establish a full time student lobbying commission.


There are now eleven Republicans running in next November’s election. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush announced his candidacy for president Monday, and shortly after, it was Donald Trump. U-L-M Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley says, with the name recognition of those two, it will an uphill climb for Governor Bobby Jindal, if he announces next week.


As Tropical Storm Bill moves toward Northeast Texas and Southern Oklahoma, officials are very concerned for more heavy rain for an already swollen Red River. Right now, FEMA teams are determining if the area around Shreveport and Bossier qualifies for federal assistance resulting from this recent flooding of the Red, checking for building structural damage.


Though far lower than last summer, the gas prices in Louisiana have been steadily rising over the past 7 days. The current statewide average for a gallon of regular is $2.58 which is up a nickel from this time last week.


The Food and Drug Administration orders food companies to phase out artificial trans fats from foods. Doctor Catherine Champagne, a registered dietitian with LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center says this is great news. The FDA says the removal of trans fat will prevent thousands of fatal heart attacks. Champagne says restaurants have also taken steps to remove trans-fat from their foods. She says trans-fat helps food have a longer shelf life, but it should taste the same with or without it.


Baton Rouge Republican Congressman Garret Graves is pushing legislation to improve Red Snapper access in the Gulf of Mexico for recreational, commercial and charter industries. Two different bills are moving through Congress right now. Graves says one bill improves the science used to manage Red Snapper resources  and the second bill deals with making sure commercial and recreational fisherman have greater access to Red Snapper. Graves believes making the season longer helps to maintain Louisiana’s reputation as the sportsman’s paradise.


Lafayette has been named one of the top All American vacation spots for 2015 by the Travel Channel. President and CEO of Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission Ben Berthelot says the city has also been named the happiest in the country by The Wall Street Journal as well as a getting a  few other notable titles. The Travel Channel says Lafayette is filled with many cultural influences especially with their Cajun flair.


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