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Michelle Southern reporting.
State Police say a 5-year-old child was struck and killed by a passing vehicle on LA 83 in St. Mary Parish. Master Trooper Brooks David said the child was outside chasing his dog when the animal ran into the road.

"The child ran into the road after his dog, and unfortunately the vehicle that was traveling on the roadway was unable to stop in time," said David.

David says the driver of the vehicle traveling on the road at the time, 38-year-old James Hopkins III of Baldwin, hit the dog and the child.

"The child was transported to a local hospital, and unfortunately succumbed to his injuries there," said David.

David says the crash took place when it was dark outside, around 7:30pm Wednesday.

He says Hopkins was properly restrained and is not suspected of being impaired so he will not be cited in this incident.

"Our hearts go out to him too because I know it's going to be a hard thing for him to deal with going forward," said David. "He tried to do what he could to do avoid it but he was just unable to."


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In the latest televised gubernatorial debate, three of the candidates discussed how they would solve the state’s budget problems. Republican Jay Dardenne says he would consider an income tax increase on residents but also look at other options as well. 

“We have to be honest with the people of Louisiana and say that we’ve got to look at our picture of revenue, we’ve got to look at our picture of the way state government operates and I think we have an obligation to consider everything and to lay on the table for the people of Louisiana what their options are.”

Democrat John Bel Edwards says he will not raise personal income tax because we don’t have to do that to tackle our budget problems. He says he will expand the Medicaid programs to create more money and lower tax rates.

“We’re going to grow the economy in a way that produces net new revenue. We all know that the best way to increase revenue is not by increasing tax rates, it’s by growing the economy. We’re going to bring our federal tax dollars home.”

Republican David Vitter did not attend the debate because he was attending to business in Washington D.C. Republican Scott Angelle says we don’t have a revenue problem in Louisiana, we have a priority problem and he plans to create a commission to look at the various tax breaks the state gives out.

“What we need to focus on is tax credits and tax giveaways. We have got drunk on giving away the people’s money. It is time we bring a process to Louisiana.”



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The Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office is mourning the loss of one of its deputy who was killed in an off-duty crash involving a juvenile driver.  32-year-old Deputy Troy Verheyden was killed in the Tuesday night crash in Deville.  

Lt. Tommy Carnline says State Police conducted the investigation into the crash.
"It appears that a 16-year-old driver ran a stop sign at the intersection of 1206 and 115 and that's when he hit Deputy Verheyden, who was going through the intersection."

Verheyden was pronounced dead at the scene.  The two juveniles in the car that ran the stop sign received moderate injuries and were transported to local hospitals.  Carnline says Verheyden had been with the Sheriff's Office since 2013.

"First as a part-time communications officer and then later he became a full-time corrections officer with us.  He had been a reserve deputy from 2006 to 2010."

Deputy Verheyden leaves behind a wife, a daughter, and a son.  Carnline says the public outpouring of support is appreciated by the Verheyden family and the Sheriff's Office.

"In law enforcement these days, everybody knows that we're all family.  And when something like this happens, as Sheriff Hilton said, there'a no logical understanding that can ever be made of a tragedy like this."


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UL Lafayette industrial design graduate student Kate Brown decided to take an alternative route for her senior thesis project. Brown entered the Innovations in Life Jacket Design Competition where she designed a comfortable and form fitting life preserver, made especially for women. She says growing up on the water in Basile, she found regular life jackets didn’t let her move comfortably.

“It was a clear opportunity for me to take the skills I’ve been developing in school and use it toward something, a product I had a personal connection with.”

Brown says her live jacket is different from traditional vests because it’s specially designed to fit a more feminine body form. She says the Comfort Flex Life Vest has a relief cut under the arms so it won’t ride up over your shoulders while in the water.

“What I did with my life jacket is I made a pattern that fits snuggly under your arms and I chose a material that had a natural elasticity to it.”

Brown came in third place and won two-thousand dollars in the competition. She says she’s now working to get a patent and wants to ensure the life vest meets Coast Guard approval.

“The big thing is getting it Coast Guard approved. To me, without getting it Coast Guard approved you still don’t have a product. It’s very necessary that it meets safety requirements.”



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The Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness is sending personnel to South Carolina in response to the devastating floods impacting the state.  Director Kevin Davis says South Carolina sent his office a request for assistance.

"We have two that are going to help in conducting damage assessments there in South Carolina."

He says personnel from his office will work with South Carolina officials in conducting damage assessments.  Davis says South Carolina requested aid through the federal Emergency Management Assistance Compact.

"It was created many years ago on a federal level so that states could request personnel, equipment, and commodities to help in disaster relief efforts."

He says GOSEP stands ready to help those in other states who face disasters such as this one.  Davis says damage assessment can be exhausting work and our friends in South Carolina definitely need support.

"As you can imagine, they've been at it now since Sunday.  So this helps relieve them and give them additional support on the ground." 


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With the unexpected change of venue to Baton Rouge for the LSU-South Carolina game the Capital City is getting a little extra tourism. President of Visit Baton Rouge Paul Arrigo says they’re excited to welcome the fans from all over and hope everyone has enough time to make plans and attend the game.

“We’re excited about that, the exact impact we’re not exactly sure. Let’s just say we’re not going to lose any business over it. We think that it’ll have a significantly positive impact.”

Arrigo says although Baton Rouge is hosting a soccer tournament, a major business conference and a beer festival this weekend, the city is able to handle an unexpected increase in visitors.

“South Carolina is certainly a great SEC school and I think it would be great to show the folks that come throughout that region what a wonderful city we have in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and to come back again and again.”

Since the South Carolina game was originally a road game for LSU, Arrigo says many people already have plans for this weekend, and that includes weddings, but he hopes people can adjust their schedules to go to the games.

“Let’s hope that those who don’t have plans, or those that can alter their plans, or work around include Baton Rouge in their plans, that they come to Baton Rouge and have a wonderful time that we know we can extend to them.”



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LSU football season ticket holders have until 5 PM Thursday night to purchase tickets for Saturday’s game against South Carolina in Tiger Stadium. At six PM Thursday, tickets will be available to the general public. LSU Athletics Director Joe Alleva says since they only had a short time to prepare for Saturday’s game, lines at concession stands could be longer than usual.

"It probably won't be as good as a normal game as far as having a full staff of people to do concessions and having all the staffing that we normally do."

A decision was made Wednesday morning to re-locate the game from Columbia, South Carolina, because of severe flooding in the Palmetto state. Alleva says they will attempt to make South Carolina feel at home, but they are NOT painting the field in Gamecock colors.
"While we really think it's a great idea we're not going to be able to do that because we do have a game next week. The field basically is going to be the same as it always is for an LSU game."

Alleva says at this time they are not anticipating a crowd of 100-thousand for Saturday’s 2:30 kickoff, but they hope to have a great atmosphere inside Tiger Stadium….
"I have no idea. I hope our fans turn out. This is a lagniappe game for our fans. I hope they turn out and support both teams."


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In a blog post following the mass shooting at an Oregon community college, Governor Bobby Jindal says the gunman's father is partly to blame for the deadly incident.  Jindal says the killer's father was never in his son's life and failed to raise his son.  

LSU Health Sciences Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Kristopher Kaliebe says the governor does have a point.
"I think that common sense tells us, and the data we do have confirms, that many of these mass murderers did have troubled childhoods and did not have good relationships within their family."

The gunman's father says he had not seen his son in the two years since he moved to Oregon with his mother.  Kaliebe says it's true that when children are not raised in warm loving households, bad results can happen.

"When you have a society that has firearms available and you have kids that have been treated very badly, a lot of them end up growing up into angry people."

The gunman killed nine people and wounded nine others before turning a gun on himself.  Kaliebe says lack of parental guidance is just part of the issue.  

"There is a subgroup of shooters that have a real true mental illness and some of them probably did grow up in warm, loving households and probably had good parental involvement."

The mother of the shooter told investigators that her son was struggling with mental health issues. 


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South Carolina University announces their game with LSU will not be played in Columbia as originally scheduled, but instead they will come to Baton Rouge.
The game will begin at 2:30 PM. Which network will televise the game has yet to be announced.  

During the SEC coaches teleconference Wednesday morning, Gamecock Coach Steve Spurrier said in light of the catastrophic flooding, whatever decision was made needed to be one that was right for the community of Columbia.

"What's best for the victims of the flood is something that has to be taken into serious consideration," said Spurrier. "So wherever they tell us to go play this game, we'll do our best to go compete against LSU."

The game will be considered a South Carolina home game, with the Gamecocks reportedly collecting ticket and concession revenue while reimbursing LSU for the cost of its expenses.
Here's ticket information....
According to the LSU Ticket Office, LSU season ticket holders will get an email Wednesday afternoon (likely in the 2-3 p.m. range) containing assigned times to log on and buy their tickets. The order will be determined by TAF priority level.

The deadline for season ticket holders to purchase tickets for Saturday’s game has been set at 5 p.m. tomorrow.

Per the ticket office, whatever tickets are left will be put on sale to the general public at 6 p.m. Thursday.

Student tickets will be available online and will go on sale at 2 p.m.


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The LSU Faculty Senate has voted to censure LSU President F. King Alexander and two other individuals for the firing of a teacher who is accused of using profanity and sexual content that allegedly made students feel uncomfortable. Early childhood education teacher Teresa Buchanan was a tenured professor and dismissed in June. LSU Faculty Senate President Kevin Cope says they’re disappointed how Alexander handled the situation.

“We’re hoping that the LSU administration will take this to heart and change its approach and its attitude. This case has been mishandled and we need to do better in the future.”

In a statement from F. King Alexander, he says students have the right to learn in an environment free of sexual harassment and verbal abuse. Cope says they’re not talking about the guilt or innocence of the teacher, just the process by which she was fired.

“There has been an accusation of a violation of federal law but there has been no proper legal process to determine that. In the absence of such a process, we are left puzzled as to why such a dramatic punishment was inflicted.”

Alexander says LSU firmly supports tenure but when the rare exception occurs, action must be taken to prevent the continuation of the damaging and counterproductive environments. Cope says the censure is a signal from the academic community that Alexander isn’t providing the kind of leadership needed at LSU.

“It’s also a signal to the board of supervisors that it needs to develop some kind of remedial program to get the LSU system back on track so it can really function as a great university.”



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We’re in the peak months where drivers are most likely to collide with deer now that mating and hunting season are here. State Farm Spokesperson Roszell Gadson says their found Louisiana is ranked number 41st in the country for car crashes involving deer.

“We did find that Louisiana is one of the least likely states for deer collisions with the chances for a driver hitting a deer at one out 335.”

Gadson says it’s interesting that neighboring Mississippi actually ranks 8th in the country. He says Louisiana could rank so low for a variety of reasons.

“We do know that factors are involved such as the number of drivers on the road, the population, the number of wooded areas that are being developed.”

Gadson says not only is it dangerous when a deer hits your car but it’s very expensive with costs up to almost $4,000 for repairs. He advises drivers to always pay attention while on the road and limit distractions while driving.

“If a deer does enter the road, you want to have time to react reasonably and responsibly. The more time that you have to react, it’s safer for not just you but other drivers that could be on the road.”



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The newest campaign ad from Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Bel Edwards spotlights his anti-abortion position by sharing a personal story.  In the commercial, Edwards' wife Donna tells of how the couple decided to carry their first child to term after being advised by a doctor to abort the pregnancy.  

ULM Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley says Edwards is sending a strong message.
"For the pro-life viewer, for the socially conservative viewer, I think this is a very powerful advertisement."

Donna says they were advised to end the pregnancy after it was discovered the unborn child had spina bifida.  The commercial features family photos that include pictures from Edwards' time in the Army.  Stockley says this is a way for Edwards to remind voters of his background.

"Being a West Point grad, which I think is often times lost amongst all the other battles and issues in this race."

Samantha Edwards is now 20-years-old and, according to the commercial, is getting married next spring.  Stockley feels the final line in the ad, "John Bel Edwards lives his values every day", is a subtle shot at Republican candidate David Vitter.

"The implication being that perhaps some of his opponents do not live values every day and, obviously, Senator Vitter has his well-known 'DC Madam' indiscretion on his record."  


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McDonald’s is now selling breakfast items 24 hours a day. Officials with the fast-food chain say they came to this decision after listening to customer requests. LSU Marketing Professor Dan Rice says they’re hoping to bring in customers who normally don’t eat lunch or dinner at McDonalds.

“They’re trying to capitalize on the fact that they’re seeing some growth in the breakfast segment, I would guess, by attracting customers to come in and have breakfast at different times of the day.”

Rice says the downside, people who usually buy burgers and more expensive items, might be tempted to purchase cheaper breakfast foods.

“It really depends on how many people switch and I’m guessing that if they’re making this move they’re confident that they’ll have a net gain but who knows.”

McDonald’s became a worldwide business because of its hamburger. But Rice says it’s a positive PR move by McDonald’s for listening to what the customers want, after recently having a bad reputation doing that.

“If this is what the consumers want and it works out for them then I think they’re willing to look at it and say ‘hey this is what we want. We like breakfast.’ There might be some customers that just like McDonald’s breakfast and don’t really care about the heritage.”



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Louisiana’s very own Bayou Rum is now partnering with the New York-based Stoli Group to nationally distribute their liquor made from sugarcane. Co-founder and President of Louisiana Spirits, the producer of Bayou Rum, Trey Litel says this is really big for their company based in Lacassine because the partnership will help the company expand throughout the country and eventually internationally.

“What this represents is a national platform so that we can grow our Bayou Rum and this is projected to put us in about 20 states by 2016 and nationwide by 2017. “

Litel says Stoli Group decided to join up with Bayou Rum because they were looking for a company that understands the importance for a good quality product and superior craftsmanship.

“We’re making it from Louisiana sugar cane, we’re bringing rum making back to the United States, where it’s been held captive in the islands. We’re very, very excited about what this represents for our future.”

Litel says the partnership with Stoli Group will begin in January of 2016 and until then, their distributors will keep selling Bayou Rum in the seven states where it’s currently sold. He says over the past two years they’ve won more than 65 awards and are on their way to being the leading American rum on the market.

“Bayou Rum is the number one craft rum in America, so it’s really a proof point to our claim for America’s Rum.”



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LSU Sports Information Director Michael Bonnette says the Tigers are in a wait-and-see mode when it comes to where Saturday’s game against South Carolina will be played. Massive flooding in the Columbia, South Carolina, area may result in the relocation of the game and Tiger Stadium is one option under consideration. 

Bonnette says the logistical issues are greater, if the game is played at a neutral site.
"The problem with going to some of those neutral sites is now you're moving two teams instead of just one team. If we were able to go there, obviously South Carolina would stay put, we go to them. If they come here to play us, we stay put and them come here."

The comments were made on WWL Radio in New Orleans. Bonnette expects a final decision on Wednesday and he says it’s not impossible for LSU to have Tiger Stadium ready for a game on Saturday.
"If we're asked to host this game in the next 24 hours, it's something that we can certainly do."

Bonnette says if LSU is asked to host the game on Saturday, they will make it like a regularly scheduled home game as much as possible and that means tickets would be available to season ticket holders first.
"That's the wonderful thing about the internet and email. We'll able to communicate with a lot of people in a short amount of time if a decision is made."


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Michelle Southern reporting.
Officials at the University of South Carolina say it's possible that the LSU/USC game will not be played in Columbia this weekend and a move to Baton Rouge is not out of the question. The area has been dealing with catastrophic flooding and record rainfall.

USC AD Ray Tanner says they are not 100% sure that the game will be held at Williams Brice.

"We will continue to monitor the infrastructure that is necessary to have a football game," said Tanner. "And we'll consider, hopefully within the next 24-36 hours, whether or not we will play here."

Tanner says as of right now they have every intention of keeping the game as scheduled, but conversations are underway about holding it in another city.
"More than one is being talked about at this point and certainly a game at LSU is not out of the realm of possibility," said Tanner. 

The South Carolina-LSU game is currently scheduled for 11am Saturday in Columbia.

All classes at USC have been cancelled this week. 14 deaths are so far blamed on weather related incidents in the Carolinas and though the rain has stopped, authorities say the flooding is far from over.

Tanner says the stadium was spared, but there are other concerns.

"The highways, the stadium water situation and other pressure with first responders," said Tanner. "Plus all the highway patrolmen and police that we use from various counties."

The SEC confirms the first priority is to play the game in Columbia but they are exploring other location options.



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Louisiana State Police says a Mississippi woman was killed in a fatal wreck during the overnight hours on I-55 in Hammond. Trooper Dustin Dwight says the victim,53-year-old Donna James was not buckled up and heading the wrong way.

“Unfortunately we had a lady get on the interstate heading the wrong direction and simultaneously she was hit head on.”

Dwight says the driver of the other vehicle is 23-year-old Kaden Ezell of Mississippi, who was taken to the hospital for moderate injuries. He says currently impairment isn’t believed to be a factor in the crash but they’re trying to figure out why the fatal victim was going the wrong way.

“The crash remains under investigation, we haven’t been able to isolate or pin point exactly why.”



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The St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office has arrested the Principal and a coach at Beau Chene High School following a disciplinary incident involving a juvenile student.  Lt. Clay Higgins says their investigation began when the mother of the student contacted detectives.

"She brought the young man into the school and presented allegations of excessive disciplinary action, I guess would be the way to term it, coming from a coach and a principal."

Principal Anthony James is charged with simple battery and basketball coach Lorenso Williams is charged with cruelty to a juvenile.  Higgins says the two men maintain they were attempting discipline and control of the student, but the student had a different story.

"St. Landry Parish juvenile detectives investigated and there was, technically, probable cause for arrest.  The arrests were made without incident, both men turned themselves in willingly and both have since been released."

Higgins says this is now a matter for the courts to decide.

"You have a principal and a coach that, within their aspect of things, they were trying to discipline and control a student.  But from the student's perspective and from his parents' perspective, it went beyond that." 


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The Louisiana Congressional Delegation has sent a letter to the US Department of Homeland Security asking for a delay in the state's compliance to the REAL ID act.  Louisiana is one of four states who are not in compliance with the new federal identification standards.  

Lafayette Congressman Charles Boustany says the state needs more time to comply.
"State Police asked us if we would work with them to get the Department of Homeland Security to provide a delay on this implementation to give us more time to deal with it."

The REAL ID act sets standards for state drivers' licences to be acceptable for entry into federal buildings and institutions or for air travel.  He says without this extension, Louisiana residents face a real headache beginning next week.

"Folks who want to enter federal buildings will need a different form of ID that's compliant, such as a US Passport.  And then potentially, later on next year, to fly, the same scenario.  They would need something that meets federal standards."

Boustany says the state legislature passed a bill in 2014 allowing REAL IDs to be issued in Louisiana, but it was vetoed by Governor Jindal.  He's hopeful they receive a response before the deadline of October 11th.

"The last thing we want is to create some kind of hardship for the folks back home as they try to access federal facilities." 


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Louisiana volunteers are joining the Red Cross response in South Carolina as the palmetto state deals with severe flooding. Spokeswoman Nancy Malone says they'll be helping families stay safe and dry by opening shelters and bringing in meals.

"We have 15 volunteers who are prepared to go. They are trained and ready and some of them are very well experienced in dealing with disasters including some who helped with the Red River flooding," said Malone.

Malone says another big part of the volunteers' job is to provide emotional support to people going through this disaster. 

She says people in other areas know that Louisiana is all too familiar with what this feels like.

"People are so comforted when they hear about a Red Cross volunteer from Louisiana," said Malone. "Residents know that we've been through it and it comes from experience in that we can guide them along in their recovery."

Malone says flooding in the Carolinas has destroyed homes, forced evacuations and left thousands without water or power.

She says not everyone can dedicate time to volunteer on the ground, but anyone can make a donation to the Red Cross to help people affected by this disaster.

FROM RED CROSS: Help people affected by disasters like floods in South Carolina and countless other crises by making a gift to American Red Cross Disaster Relief. Your gift enables the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to and help people recover from disasters big and small.

Those who want to help can make a donation to support American Red Cross Disaster Relief by visiting www.redcross.org, calling 1-800-RED-CROSS, or texting REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Contributions may also be sent to our local American Red Cross chapter.



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